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Varian Sketches

So I’ve been watching Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure lately and it’s great so I had to draw some Varian.  
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Love the Tangled series Varian is my Favourite character .

your sketches are a breath of Fresh air.

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I love Varian :D :D Your ability to keep the models consistent from pose to pose just blows my mind

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If I had to complain about 1 thing in the show, it would be that there wasn't enough Varian.

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Me and a friend have been watching this show for the past few weeks. It's a lot better than I ever imagined it would be. Cute work on Varian here. All of them definately capture the character.
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I love the one w/ Ruddiger XD
The-Sparkly-Spycar's avatar
He just looks perfect in your style! Wonderful job!
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YES! I've been wanting to see this bean in your style! Totally made my day!
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I just finished this series, it was so great! Varian was one of the best parts, of course. ^.^
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Varian the adorable alchemist! Varian icon 
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Who wouldn't love Varian? :D
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Who doesn't love this awkward, sometimes evil sometime friendly, little dork? One of the best characters of the show.
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It is so awesome and cute!

wish Disney had green-lighted the seven kingdoms

ArtisticAnimeFanGirl's avatar
Ahhh Varian! I love him 
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I adore the way you drew each emotion! 
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It's such a great show with great characters, but Varian is the best character!
Spiritaelia's avatar
I think Varian is easily my favourite character from the series.
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I love the look of Varian! And your sketches are FULL of character! love them too!:happybounce:  (TBH I like them better than the original...):D (Big Grin) 
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