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Varian Sketchdump (Spoilers)

By sharkie19
I finished watching Tangled the series and Varian is fun to draw.  
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Yeah, Varian is kind of still growing on me even after finishing this show. All these sketches are really good too!

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sorry to be a bother but I’m just wondering what app or website you use to draw

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I did the sketches with procreate on my ipad and cleaned it up in Paint tool Sai on my computer. :)

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Ok thanks! I love your art btw!

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Varian is by far my all time FAVORITE CHARACTER

These are all so good and cute and i love it.

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tbh, he and Cass are like the only I watched the show at first lol.

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Brilliant work! He's really an adorable scientist. :)

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Wonderful work as always! I especially love the ones with him and Rudiger ;3

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These are all great. 😄


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Love your sketches, seem so easily lined. Very expressive always
The upper right-hand corner has an amazing AU!! 
You did a fine job drawing Moonstone-Varian! :lol:
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I love your sketches! Very cute!

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Best character!! <3 <3 <3
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There's our boy!!
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I really liked Varian's arc! and his songs

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Varian the best Science boi

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I saw this on your Tumblr. I haven't seen the series, but I do love the way you draw him. :D

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Tangled is pretty dang underrated, good that Varian had a change of heart. <3

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He is the cutest.
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He really REALLY grew on me! I started watching the show because I loved Raps and Eugene, now he's up there with them now :)
Also, great art :love:
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Yes! My favorite character in Tangled the series
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