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The Land Before Time

This is my favorite Don Bluth movie. :)
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Among the Best Childhood Friendship Movie Series Ever.

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The Land Before Time is currently owned by Universal Studios, NBCUniversal and U-Drive Productions

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Can I use your picture for The Land Before Time wiki please if I save it?

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these movies were my childhood! Your artwork is amazing!

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"Sone things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart"
-Littlefoot's Mother

This movie makes me even sadder knowing what happened to thhe actress for Ducky. 
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Ohhhh this is too cute ^^
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this is beautiful, it such a calm and soft touch to it :3
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This movie stands the test of time for entertainment.
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This looks great, I used to love that movie
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Still my absolute favorite childhood movies! I have 1 through 10, my faves. :heart:
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I remember this movie
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As a child, I was such a dino nerd (still am, but not as nerdy during childhood). So this movie is also one of my favourites. :)
Can i use this image for my crossover project?
I will always cherish this movie along with it's endless sequels.
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I love the land before time so much as a kid and i missed it. :D thank you for that dose of nostalgia. 
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So pretty I can't even <3
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oh hells yes. in high school my standard operating procedure for dealing with illness was to curl up in my parent's bedroom arm chair and watch this movie, and a couple others but mostly this one. On one occasion I watched it three times back to back.
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Eee! It was my favourite as a kid and I shamelessly say that it still is even at age 20! I am working to collect all the movies! My dino craziness was fueled by The Land Before Time and survives to this day. Too bad I haven't made any attempt to draw one
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