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(Spoilers) Over the Garden Wall

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I miss that show

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The figure in the back reminds me of the shadow people in the "Deep Sleep" game series.
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this is amazing I love over the garden wall
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I came across this reposted on who knows where (I'm 89% sure you were credited) and used it as my phone background for two years... I just loved your style so much and I'm so happy I found you on DA,, I'm really sorry if this sounds all creepy and junk,,,
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This is awesome.
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I love your styyle !!!
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Potatoes and molasses 
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I just love this.  Well done!
Dios te bendiga por ese talento
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Oh my gosh wow. This is amazing <3
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Over the garden wall is the best show ever ! Nice drawing btw !
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This is so cool!! I love the lines you used and the expressions and Wirt's protective hand and the way you buried symbols for the episodes in the pumpkin vine!!!! So well-thought-out and structured!!! I'd want to watch the show now if I hadn't already :D 
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I love Over the Garden Wall. I watched it with my mom and we sang along to all the songs. This picture is so amazing!
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Very nice painting!

I really enjoyed Over the Garden Wall.
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They are cute but its weird!
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excelent draw
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I used this as the cover to my fanfiction, if you don't mind. (This one:… ) ^^ The artwork is really beautiful. I love your style.
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Hi! I really hope you don't mind, but I've set this as my iphone wallpaper. If you're uncomfortable with this, I can change it to something else. Whenever someone asks me about it, I'll refer them to you, and tell them to check out the rest of your art! Thanks for making it, it's so beautiful! 
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There's not really any spoilers, who Evers not caught up would just be confused
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