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Retsuko and Tadano

Just finished the second season. :D
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Too bad it didn't work out between these two
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Cuuuuute!!!! Love your style!
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O it's cute, but I prefer Hadashi
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He'd fit right into MLP, lol.
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i want a T'shirt wuth this 
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aWw It's the babs! ;w;

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I wanted them to stay togetherrrr T o T but it was for the best they split, and in a healthy way and with understanding. This is such a cute artwork!
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I watch this season with my mom and starting to getting more and more regret every ep. I watch with her
As our relationship is just like Retsuko and her mom in the show TwT
I'll sit there beside my mom and be like omg.... please not about marriage again. And when any of that part shows, my mom gonna turn her face at me and say "See?"
Ohhhh and I don't even finish half of the episode yet :cries  
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I'm still hoping she'll change her mind about Haida haha

She's made a friend!
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Awww, so cute!
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"Technically, our marriage is saved"
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I still need to watch the second season.
Why am I taking so long to watch? XD
Lovely pic, btw.
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"Matrimonial Freedom"
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Dang, I really need Netflix. Already the second season is done I haven't even seen the first of the first season.
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I don't have Netflix anymore, but I love Aggretsuko, and I love how you've drawn her! She's stinking cute!
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I really want these two to last another season, but it's sad they split.

Retsuko an old school romantic, while Tadano is sort of new school and is so focus on his revolution with technology, which is not bad; they just saw the future for themselves differently, which will happen sometimes in relationships.
Just glad they broke up on healthy terms and I hope we see Tadano again in the third season!
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I was so sad they separated. They worked so well together^^ He was such a sweet guy :3
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I just started the second season, I was positively surprised by the first.
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God these two ❤❤❤
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yeah, they are cute!

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