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Hi there,

Please support my new shark-thriller project on Kickstarter!…

Hi there,

Just a quick message to say I am going to be at San Diego Comicon this year with my Senior Editor for Titan Comics hat on. We're looking for new creators, artists, writers and creator-owned properties so if anyone out there is attending and fancies a chat, drop me a message. Also feel free to pass this info around to anyone suitable!

Hi there,

I'm now on Twitter: @sharkbitesteve

Hopefully see you there!
Well, it's been a bit of a wild couple of weeks for me.

DINOSAUR ART: THE WORLD'S GREATEST PALEOART has at last gone on sale in the US. Sadly it won't appear for another couple of weeks in the UK but that will just be the icing on the cake.

Fortunately, reception for the book has been great and I've been acting the media darling with a bunch of interviews and more to come. For anyone interested, see my words of wisdom at:………

Anyway, this is incredibly exciting and with things looking good, I'm hoping to do a second volume that will hopefully include some DeviantArt great! Stay tuned!!!

As well as drawing dinosaurs et al on a regular basis I also happen to be an editor at Titan Publishing. Early September 2012 will see the publication of a book I edited called DINOSAUR ART: THE WORLD'S GREATEST PALEOARTISTS. I saw the advance copies last week, arriving just in time for my birthday – and it looks AMAZING even if I say so myself. Featured in its 176 pages is the artwork of Julius Csotonyi, Doug Henderson, John Conway, Greg Paul, Mauricio Anton, Raul Martin, John Sibbick, Todd Marshall, Bob Nicholls and Luis Rey. Each section includes a Q&A with the artist, on their style, techniques and approach. There's also two beautiful fold-out sections!

The book is now available from Amazon (.com and for £24.99. Any dinophile, artist or lover would be insane to miss this.

Seek it out! You'll love it!