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(mixed media; markers, pencils, pastels, gouache)

This was an illustration I did for a TV programme called Little Big Cats, for the Discovery Channel. It showed an early mammal whose name escapes me but was actually based on very fragmentary remains and teeth; I was told to extrapolate the animal and show a shrew-like creature that would have been a basal form of Carnivora.
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beautiful picture. But I do have to correct Nesihonsu. All the Miacids, Viverrids and *Cimolestans are now considered very far away from Carnivora. We're not even sure if they are placentals or some sort of eutherian sister-group. Paleocene/Eocene Placental and Eutherian mammal phylogeny is a mess of waste-basket taxon.

*I just remembered while typing that *Cimolestes* is a HUGE wastebasket genus with specimens from the Cretaceous all the way to Oligocene assigned to it. It is being broken up and re-assigned. apparently SOME of the fossil critters assigned here may be actual stem carnivorans that survived into the Eocene. They may be renamed or not, who knows?
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Viverrids aren't carnivores? Isn't that the family containing civets and genets? I thought they were feliform carnivores.
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Yes and no, its.....complicated....lots of fossil taxon have been dumped in here. Imagine dumping all fossil rodents into squirrels because all we have are teeth and fragments of bone. THAT is how bad it is.
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He means viverravids the earliest carnivores.
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This was a case of just doing what I was told as it was a pretty sweetly paid job. I see this is a purely speculative piece!
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De nada dude, it IS a good picture. Besides, all this info on these groups wasn't published until the last couple of years. Right now, we know what they aren't (mostly), but still don't have a handle on what they ARE exactly.
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THAT'S THE ONE! Thanks, Nesihonsu!
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Cimolestes or something closely related perhaps...
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