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Devonian Extinction

This was another piece for Australian publisher Weldon Owen. It features the giant armoured fish, Dunkleosteus, after making a kill. It is being mobbed by a number of early shark: several Cladoselache; a male 'anvil shark', Stethacanthus; and, lower left, Ctenacanthus. In the foreground a trio of the trilobite, Huntonia, forages through a reef of horn corals, brachiopods and sponges.
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Evolution is weird.
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Another awesome scene in prehistory history! :D
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This is amazing. What size aper did you use? The detail is superb.
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I used brown-ink Edding 1800 technical drawing pens to do the fine detailing - down to .05 nibs. Sadly,  Edding has discontinued them and I have yet to find a substitute that works as well. Over the Eddings I use Tria markers from Letraset and then various types of colour pencils and water-based pastels to give the finish I want.
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what is that armoured fish eating?
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probably another dunkleosteus
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brilliant! and this really peaque my interest, i love learning more about the time before dinos :)
i do have a question though, how did the scientist know the shape of anvil shark? i thought sharks only have cardtilages?
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There are places (particularly in Scotland and the US) where the sharks are preserved well enough for their entire bodies to be fossilised. The shape of the anvil is very obvious in these.
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fascinating!!! i hope someday they can find well preserved megalodon... not just their teeth XD
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let's see these sharks kill their nemesis
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<3 for dunkleosteus, beautiful work!
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Yay, my favorite vertebrate from the past, Dunkleosteus, and in something other than a head on or straight side on view. Also awesome work on the inverts, especially the bright color bits on the trilobites.
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are you one of the best paleoartist that seen in my life, I like your style
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Chomp!Chomp!Chomp! :laughing:
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dude, i'm not sure what to say, your stuff looks amazing!
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So detailed and stunning!:)
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