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Mixed media portrait of Dunkleosteus for a children's mag done about five years ago. Using a basking shark as the model for skin texture and a selection of battle scars befitting a top predator.
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Awesome work!! All those scars tell us that he was a magnificent warrior XD
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Beautiful work!
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Amazing fish, this is one of my favorite sea creatures, love that face, a face only a mother could love :):):)
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Mixed media... so, what did you use exactly? :eyes:
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I start by detailing with brown in technical drawing pens (sadly for me, my favourites, Edding 1800s, are no longer in production - gutted!) then lay down base colours with Tria markers. After that I do the highlighting and colour detailing with colour pencils.
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This is beautiful. Would you mind I publicize this on my blog?
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Inspiring work as always.
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I painted one of these years ago for a bioillustration project, I got very excited when I recognized this guy. Looks amazing! You definitely did it more justice than I did (and made it a whole lot scarier!). When one of your favorite things is random obscure extinct marine predators you don't expect to see them around terribly often, or well illustrated when they are.
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First rule of bite club: Don't talk about bite club.
Because if you knew enough about bite club to talk about it, you'd probably have been dinner for this guy.
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And besides talking about the rest of the rules would simply mean talking about bite club.
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Very realistic!
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awesome I'd never thought I'd see such an obscure and very little known about prehistoric creature on DA's front page! This thing is freaking scary in a book I have it says they grew up to 25ft-30ft and they found sharks teeth embedded in its "skin" or bony hard head so it must have fought the sharks. I imagine its teeth to be like sharp broken stone and I guess it can't close its mouth all the way.
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Grar! Battle damage!
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Very well done. Seems such a charming sort. The kind with the temperament of a moray eel and a really annoyed orca.
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that is mint. Shithead would eat my leg right off
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I want one of those!
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impressive detailing on this duncleostis.
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Very well done. 
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The skin texture is so wonderfully done!!! I love looking at it… :)
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