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Ambush: Smilodon and Bison Latifrons

A sunset ambush by a pack of Smilodon fatalis on a herd of Bison latifrons, the so-called ‘super bison’.

One of my fave pics, I did this on spec and sold it quickly to a private buyer.

Could have sold it several times over.
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Steve I love this one and the other saber tooth that you did for me. 
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Woah. The sense of motion and life in this piece is amazing. Speed and agility vs. size and bulk! Awesome job!
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Amazing work ! :o
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Oh mah gawwwwdd, this is so good! Nice sucker punch!
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Is the smilodon sucker punching the bison?
Your paleoart in general & this drawing in particular is (IMO) 1 of the best examples of "accurate awesomebro" paleoart. I'm guessing it helps that you're a comic book artist (& thus, make awesomebro things all the time).
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you did a great job on it, someone has been reading up on their history of Prehistorc cats, #pets on back i'm proud of you#
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Wonderful work! Love the athletic pose of the middle cat there. Favoriting this!
Increible realmente
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very nice =D
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A slice of history :)
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Wickedly dynamic! Thoroughly enjoy it :)
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Woohoo, check out that action! I'd love to know where the buyer hung the image. :)
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just amazing, how did you draw that? wow
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FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!
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Very interesting the texture of the fur in the bisons
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Sweet! That's some great action, very extreme poses but still convincingly feline.
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Thanks - much appreciated! My plan is do a more updated version - this one is about 15 years old!
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