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I’m going inactive, but will still keep my account up for people to see. I will still fav, updates and editing.
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Updated 19 Wheelie maybe annoying, but he is adorable.

updated 18 In the Victory outro, Star Saber was describe being a kid. However I don’t think theme song is canon.

Updated 17 In the Sunbrow cartoon, we don’t see any other child Cybertronians beside Wheelie and the ones from Beta’s group. However, we expect the ones in the army. Cybertron is barely full and only populate by a few transformers who aren’t civilians, so maybe that’s why we haven’t seen Cybertronian kids.

Updated 16 I wonder how long it takes them to grow up? Maybe hundreds of years or so.

Updated 15 I’m definitely leaning towards those bots being kids in Beta group. Especially after seeing this pic

The mini bot on the left does look like a kid with that facial structure and being short. It could be a miniature adult, but even the mini adults will have an adult like facial structure. This one is more child like. Sure they could be an adult with child like physical features, but I think its leaning more towards child.
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Updated 14 Don't know why, but I have a feeling that we will see more kidformers/robotic childern. When? Don't know when. I just have a feeling.

updated 13:In one continuity there's something called primary programming which is like primary school.

Updated 12: List of Cybertronian sparklings
2)Cyberkid #1
3)Cyberkid #2
4)Cyberkid #3
(The ones with numbers after them were in betas group
5) The little blue bot
6) Little twin bot #1?
7) Little twin bot #2?
(Question marks because they may not be kids and here's what they look like… (far left)
8) Holi
13)Lio jr
14)Slipstream (minicon)
15)Shadow Striker (universe)
17)Hot Shot (RBA)
18) Whirl (RBA)
19)Hoist (RBA)
20) Wedge (RBA)
21) Medix (RBA)
22) Optimus Primal son ( at least in one continuity)
23) hatclings (number is unknow)
24) Dinoforce babies/kids (number is unknow)
28)Scuzzard? (has been stated to have a mom, but that doesn't mean he been a kidformer)

Idw protoformers(numebers unknow).They aren't childern, but close to it. They have to learn how to walk and talk like them. There were idw bots mention growing up and grown bots. Not in a human sense probably and there were "kid bots" in Optimus Prime #25 page 28.

updated 11 Childern in Beta group

Updated 10:Tfwiki also stated that some Cybertronians do have a childhood. However they claim that Cybertronian childhood/childern is a joke. That is not always true. Wheelie being a child isn't a joke. Universe 2003 Shadowstriker childhood isn't a joke either. Matter of fact only in the UT childhood is seen as a joke.….

Also anyone who has a problem with Cybertronians having kids and some starting out as kids need to get over with themselves. Yes robots don't have kids nor start out as one ( in rl there are some robots who are built and program to look and act like childern). However Cybertronians aren't normal robots. They have a soul and genes. They're metal is made out of celluar structures or close to it ( most continuties don't mention genes or living metal, but none deny them either). They aren't our robots. They're living robotic lifeforms who are sentient as well as sapient. If they sexually reproduce then so what. Again they aren't our robots.

updated 9 One of the Characters in RID15 ( comicbook version) has a mother.…. Lithone has kids ( although they aren't Cybertronians expect in one continuity…). Lithone seem to have the most kids, but is not the only robotic race to have robotic childern.

Updated 8 Nutica mention a playhouse on Camius in issue#32 MTMTE. So it seem like in the IDW universe they have a childhood or something similar.

Upated 7 I'm not hundred precent for sure that they're childern, but they look so young and see them in different size representing growth. I'm leaning towards childern.

Updated 6 . In Forever Is Along Time Coming, there are childern in Beta's rebel group when Beta first introduce them. I know they're kids because they look very young. We also see them at different sizes and ages. Anyway this proves that in the Sunbrow cartoon there are or were other Cybertronian childern besides Wheelie. Probably not as much as Earth, but there were kids on that planet. Cybertron did have kids. However they came to be is unknow. Wheelie is stated to have parents, but that has nothing to with the Sunbrow continuity.

Updated 5Shadow Striker ( non Cyberverse one) had a childhood…

Updated 4 Let's not forget about Holi and his team from the Victory cartoon. The baby dinobots from the Victory comicbook and Lio jr. Holi and his team are never stated to be kids, but they sound and act like childern.

Updated3 The new rescue bots are also childern/kids. They seem to be 11-14 or 12-15 in human years. Most young bots we see are 18 and older in human years.

Updated 2 In idw continuity, there are Cybertronian childern or something similar. Protoforms, like human child grow physically and have to learn how to walk and talk. Physically childhood only last about two-five days ( unless solar cycles equals years), but social childhood last much longer. In Idw Optimus Prime #25, page 28 we see young Cyberyronians. They aren't childern in a physical sense, but the way pic was set up they were childern in a social sense. Arcee call them childern. There were organic childern too, but there's no reason to believe that Arcee was only including the organics. Windblade meantion how she grew up on Cybertronian stories. Stardrive stated that how she became full grown in five solar cycles.

Updated. I don't know about you guys, but child transformers don't bother me. Maybe it's because I see them as living organism instead of robots. If we can have female robots then we can have child robots.

I've been inform that the little bot from the second link is not a child.

Do they exist? Yes, I think they do. These might be proof of they're existence. I said might because they maybe short adults. We have Wheelie and Sari who are childern. Yes she semiorganic, but her protoform was very childlike. Even if she was fully robotic, her form would still be childlike. She probably is a child. I said probably as I'm not for sure). Wheelie is stated to be one on TFwiki. There's also the decepticon kids in the Victory comic and Slipstream as a child in Slipstream Tradgey.… ( look on the right side bottom)
Child transformers do seem to exist, but in much smaller numbers then the femmes and are push to the side. Childbots look no different from the short adults. Some of these short adults might be child transformers. Who knows.
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Update: I don’t want stinking tax breaks, but don’t discriminate against us childfree and childless people.
Childless people being tax’s out of their…. We may not have kids, but no one should be living in the streets. No parents wants their kids or adult children living in the street.…
Not mines;just sharing it.
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Child Cybertronians Updated 19 by shark235, journal

Childfree and Childess are People too Updated by shark235, journal