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Update: I don’t want stinking tax breaks, but don’t discriminate against us childfree and childless people.
Childless people being tax’s out of their…. We may not have kids, but no one should be living in the streets. No parents wants their kids or adult children living in the street.…
Not mines;just sharing it.
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I'm now in my forties and I knew even when I was like 12 that I never wanted to become a parent.  I just never felt like I needed to do that in order to make myself more justified to be part of this world.  If you have children, fine, bravo and brava for you.  I can't even deal with my own problems most of the time let alone have to be responsible for another human being, especially a child.  I just find my destiny was down another path.  I am mostly a hermit in the definition of the term.  I value some people but my circle is very small.  I value my solitude and yes sometimes I seek to sit down and have a deep conversation with another person but most of the time (about 90% of the time) I feel better alone.  I believe it was Mark Twain who wrote, "I have never been bored when I was alone but only when I was in the company of others that boredom set in."  Now imagine someone with this kind of thinking being a parent.  I would not have my most treasured possession, my solitude.  I don't particularly care for people in general and having to even be in the same room with a child is nauseating.  I guess I view it as people are unpredictable, which makes me uneasy and children are like at least 5 times more unpredictable which makes me even more uneasy.  I also loved kit when people with like ten kids, whom I worked with, would get angry because I got more money back in my tax returns than them and yet somehow with all those kids they got less money back.  I knew one woman whom I worked with who had a husband who also worked and they had 7 children.  They got less back by filing jointly with those 7 kids than I got by having zero children.  They would get their taxes done and after all the deductions they claimed they only hurt themselves.  I never declared ANY dependents and that meant ZERO as do not include yourself on your own taxes and you will get much more money back at the end of the year AND it means you pay more into Social Security which will help you when you retire decades later.  They took more out of my check but at the end of the year I got most of it back.  Not all of it but most of it.
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Well I'm glad I'm still considered human by some according to this article. Was beginning to believe more people hated child free people like me for daring to sacrifice cloning ourselves for the benefit of endangered animals, and reversing over population. We get a lot of hate from people needing constant reassurance their choice to have five 'mini mes' was a great idea and that they are doing the rest of us all a favor by breeding for us. :/
I have a stack of reasons why I choose to remain child free and anti-natalist. Money is the least important. Hell, many of us child free people donate to orphanages unlike some can say. :)

Thanks for sharing this. Even if it was a while ago and I'm the first person to say something. :XD:
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You're welcome.