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Gender Swap: Optimus Prime


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Warning to all DeviantART illustrators!

Warning to all DeviantART illustrators! I forgot to mention that you have a Journal about this case too. Go ahead and read it. In case you were wondering what the deal is with why certain cases of “copyright infringement” are not taken seriously. Pretty much sums it all up with evidence. The short story: The reason 90% of the reports for copyright infringement aren’t fixed is that apparently “alterations, edits, and plagiarism are becoming regarded as acceptable by the Administration.” Meaning, if someone does any of these things, your report will probably be partially ignored if not completely. Your best bet w

Stop Spam,bullying,theft and pedos

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seraphim and dragons

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Pinkie Pies

ponies and people

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short hair Lord Jesus or white hair Lord Jesus

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Flurry Heart

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Twilight Sparkle

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Twilight Sparkle

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Roddy the Princess

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Jade Gala 2015

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Rodimus Prime: I Am Your Guardian Angel

Hot Rod Rodimus

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Cityscape 3

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