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TWD Commission

Ok, first of all, This was a commissioned piece(dur) for a good friend of mine^-^

2nd: I started this like two episodes before i saw the latest episode of The Walking Dead, so.. yeah>.>

3rd: It might look familiar to some, As per request it was based off of another really good artist's work, Wylie Beckert. You can see the original -here-

Now you can have it as a print or a phone cover of your very own!!.. or a greetings card.. i guess, cause for some reason that is added when you upload a phone skin design to Society6 >.>
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So wonderful I really like it. Love daryl and beth <3
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This piece makes me think, "damn! He cannot catch a feckin break" its beautiful, and portrays the tragedy of the show and daryl character and losses, well done
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Thanks, and yea, his character seems to have been made for the sole purpose of being crapped on xD... i pretty much stopped watching after Beth's death, not because i'm a fanatic or something, but because the whole scene was sloppily written/directed and was the last straw in my case.

It's just a personal opinion though, i know there are a lot of people out there who like the show still and i try not to get too preachy about it=P
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This is perfection
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I just can't get over how wonderful it is <3
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I'd beg to differ... then again, artists are their own worst critic =P
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simply amazing !
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Thats sick! ... wow.. I'm speechless :eager: by darkmoon3636  
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Thank you. And i know the feeling, i'm never prepared for speeches either=P
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That's an amazing work, so poetic and beautiful! One word : respect ! Winner 
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Thanks!:D It was pretty tough knowing when to stop... the amount of detailing that could have gone into that smoke would have taken me forever had my friend not been waiting on it xD
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amazing work, wow!
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Simply beautiful...
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Wow, um, just wow. I gotta say, I've never seen smoke(?) be so pretty and disturbing at the same time.
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Disturbing is easy, Pretty is hard.. glad i got both xD
Thank you for the complement:]
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Wow...very thought-provoking symbolism. It seems, at least to my eye, to represent Beth helping Daryl to leave behind the pain and darkness of his past, as represented by I somewhere in the ballpark, at least?
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Yeup, you're pretty spot on^-^ i mean.. After what happened the meaning feels like it's changed to both of them being these weights in his mind, but originally, yes it was her helping him with his loss/past. Merle was a bastard, but he was family, so i am not trying to paint him in an evil light, that is why i referenced pictures of zombie Merle instead, i wanted that cold dead looming feeling so it wasn't aggressive but just.. um.. ever present:/
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Fascinating, and the symbolism was obviously very effective. I love it when people put real thought into their art.
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