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Luigi doesn't mess around

So yeah, i freaking love this meme so much!xD the second i saw it i had to do a piece:]

Here's what sparked my imagination-…

*don't trust Teefury with your artwork, they've sold several copies of this throughout the past year and I never saw any of it, so I contacted them with the proof(I had to screen shot the damn thing because they show you a total lump sum sold as apposed to how many were sold each month) and not only did they not respond to my email, they sent me $1... 
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MK8 in a nutshell.
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Bwahahahha, nice one :lol:
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Sweet job with the details.  The four-finger rings(or brass knuckles) are a cool creative touch.  The overall design is clean, smooth, and fun.
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Thanks:] And yeah, my favorite part is the vibrancy of the color, especially on Luigi's face^-^
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Now that I've taken another look at your piece, I see what you mean.  It truly is priceless.Mew Laughing 
Very nice... can't go wrong with 4 finger rings...
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Right? Brass knuckles are pretty sweet but super illegal... but i'm fairly sure Luigi is above the law at this point>.> 
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Waluigi is better.
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Ooooooh, shots fired!:O
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and this is why Luigi is my favorite character. mewfan151 Icon - Luigi Dance Luigi is now with you Year of Luigi They see him rollin' 
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Bad tastes, Waluigi is clearly better.
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Oh god, This is so Amazing xD
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You're very welcome! ^^
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This just made my day xD
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will there be a spoof where the knucklewar says "White 'n Nerdy"?
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That would be pretty rad:]
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I can tell he was tired of being second in line. Now, he's doing something about it, and this meme shows it! :D
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Luigi ain't takin' second anymore, he's going right to the front, right to the top, this boy is goin places and doing things, runnin' a business, bein' a boss.

No banana peels given.
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