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July 2, 2014
Nothing is true; everything is bacon pancakes - Adventurer's Creed by SHARK-E
Featured by MidnightExigent
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Adventurer's Creed

Had this sketched for the past month or so, i know people have made the cross over before, but after i saw the episode where he got the leaf blade i had to do it, and finally i got around to coloring and finishing it in this past week, but i feel a little late to the game after what happened to his arm at the start season of 6._.

BIG NEWS! now you can BUY a print of this here-… A few people have already gotten theirs and they look sweeet!xD
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Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
What an epic depiction of Finn.  The replication of Altair/Ezio's assassin uniform in your art style is great.  The details are spot-on and help give Finn an epic atmosphere.  Giving his Leaf Blade a razor-sharp appearance adds to his awesomeness.  The background demonstrates your ability to create a very detailed scene that is well designed and balanced with the subject's contrasting appearance and atmosphere.  Keep up the good work!
this crossover is just :happybounce: Heart . Honestly I don't know what else to say:speechless: revamp 
SHARK-E's avatar
It's... excitehearted?... hoppy heart?.. happy heart!.. i've done it, i've cracked the code=3=
you figured out my code great work sirExclamation mark   :fancy: 
SHARK-E's avatar
It wasn't an easy case to solve, lost a lot of good men along the way... they will never be forgotten-_-
cybercortex's avatar
It. is beyond awesome.
SHARK-E's avatar
You. are too kind:]
JGMoviepilot's avatar
This is absolutely awesome!! How would you like to share some of your mashup pieces on Moviepilot? We're all crazy about Adventure Time!
If you're interested shoot me an email at and I can tell you all about it.. Cheers!
PeriodicCrafter's avatar
That hidden blade isn't very hidden, which makes it all the better to shank with.
SHARK-E's avatar
It's still hidden in a way, because no one expects a leaf to be a weapon=P
FacelessSoles's avatar
Oh... my... god...
SHARK-E's avatar
Yes my child?...

MsRedmobile's avatar
Oh hell the fuck yes.
TheReptilianGeneral's avatar
LOL I keep on finding great art from you X3. This is quite a cool cross over :) I like the colors too :thumbsup:
SHARK-E's avatar
Thanks for the complement towards my work in general, and the piece it's self^-^
IndianaJonesFan17's avatar
In the Assassin's Creed version, FP would probably either break up with Finn for being an Assassin, or stay with him for being "evil".
SHARK-E's avatar
Hmmm, interesting:/ Why do you think she would break up with him for being an Assassin?

I feel like she'd dig him either way now that i think about it=P
IndianaJonesFan17's avatar
It would be great. Because FP could leave CB for Finn.
SHARK-E's avatar
Hahahahawwww, poor Cinnamon Bun=P
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