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Hades thumbnails

Thumbnails for my concept art class I just had today. These are illustrated silhouettes of Hades (the greek god of death). This technique is to focus on the overall shape of the character.

"The "Hades and Persephone" myth will be set and revamped into an urban, slightly surrealistic setting. Hades' dwelling would be a palace-like creation made of ruined buildings. Maybe an abandoned subway station filled with dogs? While Persephone would reflect well-to-do living and european architecture along with higher-class clothing. Plants and flower motifs everywhere, maybe gardens of babylon on their rooftops. So grungy, urban, and modern fashion."

AH HAAAH, gold star if you read that all
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7, 3, and 8 seem really interesting. And the concept is really cool!
inferiorKlutz's avatar
5 and 14 caught my attention. O:
Mujaki-Violet's avatar
All of these are too awesome! OWO
imaginarysam's avatar
I like No. 17... I like the spinal-column looking thing. Looks like a girl though.
4 and 12 too though.

Laitma's avatar
Ahahahah, I love number 4 and 12, bunny ears and yoyos, ohman... xDD
But no seirously, SO MANY cool designs!! 7 and 16 and 21 are probably some of my (serious) favorites, aahahah. And ohmygosh seriously you're gonna be revamping this?? with grungy urban scenarios set in ruined buildings and filled with dogs?!?!?!?? YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM FOR THIS???????
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I say 1 and 4!
These are awesome.
Shaish's avatar
I think that sounds fascinating. I'd love to see that. D:

And I really like 20.
Des-Connor's avatar
#15 is my favorite.
MafiaVamp's avatar
I like designs 17 and 21 the most :)
Korrael's avatar
Awesome gold start for me :P
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