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General Body Tutorial

If you notice the title, it's called a "tentative" general body tutorial because these are things that I know. It's not perfect and frankly I'm hesitant to teach anyone anything because often I'm not sure if I'm right. DERP. My friend Korey graciously commissioned me to do a succession of tutorials so you guys, if you wanted this should thank him lol. I DON"T KNOW HOW HELPFUL THIS IS. SORRY

Also because this is just a general body tutorial, it regretfully doesn't go into details. I highly recommend these if you're interested and haven't seen them yet:

her tutorials are amazing.

Edit:: Also, it's been brought to my attention, the boobs, the nipples are too low, they should be around the center of the boobs unless overweight. Will fix later.
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This is so helpful, humans are a hard thing to draw for me.
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Really helpful. Thanks so much!
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This tutorial helps me a lot! Thanks!
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Thank you very much for the tutorial! ill make very much use for it! (no i will not steal these poses and no i don't trace just to throw that out there i mean it but ill practice drawing these carefully)
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thanks for the tutorial
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Thak you for this c: 
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Drawing over the skeleton is a wonderful idea! Thank you so much!
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Cool idea with the skeletons! :) I don't think there is anything wrong with *practice tracing*. Tracing is basically observing and understanding where everything is supposed to go. As long as someone doesn't claim that the particular traced drawing is their own work of art, then there shouldn't be anything wrong with doing it. 
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To each their own. From personal experience, you will benefit more as an artist when drawing from life, a hundred times more than tracing. You don't work as hard to try to comprehend where things fall and how the body bends or how light hits when you trace. It's already laid out for you. Of course, personally speaking. 
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There is one occasion where I believe its beneficial:…
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That's a good tutorial. The poster does note that the tracing is not simply for tracing purpose, but to keep in mind where 'x' is located, etc. It's all studious. I agree. In that occasion, it's useful. 
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True. I just think that practicing tracing can be helpful occasionally to know where everything goes. I mean like how you did over the skeleton. I might be using the wrong word. :XD: I meant tracing guidelines or something... to get an idea or whatever. Idk. o.o Nevermind. I'm being confusing again. Dx 
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Don't worry about it. I get what you're saying. I just used the skeleton thing for this tutorial guideline. I've never done it before then ha.
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This is super helpful :)
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Very super helpful! I can't thank you enough! THANK YOU.EXO : ChenKai Hug Exo : Kai Happiness LuKai : Hug 
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thanks for the tuto
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I love this tutorial and your style of drawing bodies!
But since I'm a beginner, I had problems doing it myself.
Could you make a tutorial, which explains your drawing steps, please? It would be amazingly helpful! :)
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I'm not quite sure what you mean by that, and I don't think I can make a tutorial because I just do it..does that make sense? There's no real way to "learn how to draw" aside from doing it, so I suggest diving in. Good luck! cheers!
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This is great, really helps me draw men better. Thank you very much for this tutorial.
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