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hey man i just love clouds 
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So beautiful it feels like a dream

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So beatiful i had my own versions of the clouds :d inspired on Empire Of The Clouds of Iron Maiden :D

Empire Of The Clouds By Zoloth Stark Inspired On T by zolothstark007
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I was wondering if it was alright for me to use this artwork for a banner on a roleplay site called "Animal Jam Clans Wiki"? I will gratefully provide you complete credit in your username with a link to your DeviantArt profile as I will also not diminish the appearance of the image in any sort of way.
If not then I understand!
Hi, I wondered if I could use this as artwork for a song Im doing? It would fit perfectly, and Im willing to pay for it.
Ive sent you note about it too and would love a response :)
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Nice work! Just wondering, though -- is this influenced by this piece by Thorsten-Denk Ocean Clouds by Thorsten-Denk
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Seems like it, but it's cool. Different enough for me not to worry about it and I'd encourage young artists to copy work they like for practice purposes anyhow. Paint on Shark-Bites! Looking forward to your progress.
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so fluffy!!! <3 
Thank you for how you did this, it's almost a how to on colouring clouds 
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Hey man, I'm glad you love clouds! 
I love clouds too
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Ya back!! :iconletmehugyouplz: I love the intense colors in all your artwork, this is beautiful!
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oh wow you're active again? :D
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You should state that this is a study of someone else work. I've seen the original one on Artstation a while back. Really nice study nonetheless. :)
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beautiful clouds, very peaceful and majestic :clap:
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I love the colours! Great artwork!
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I love them too.. and this is beautiful :love:
Clouds are good.
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 l love clouds too and this is splendid 
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Ugh, my dude I just lovee your background/environment work SO much 100000/10
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