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Orochimaru's Children lineart

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Lineart for my new work: [link]

Orochimaru greatest children (in the term of most favourite)

I've been trying to draw both of them for a long time...

somehow I found a good pose of Kimimaro in the manga, and using that pic as a base, I draw Sasuke mirroring Kimimaro.

I'm in the middle of colouring this and doing another lineart at the same time... so I think that I should submit this first...

as usual, feel free to colour this... just read the condition on my journal... and you dont have to wait for me to grant the permission...

btw.. click download for a bigger file, in PNG

Naruto, Sasuke, Kimimaro n Orochimaru r' Kishimoto's work.
Lineart by me..
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I also coloured it. Please fell free to see it :)

By the way, great line art! ;)
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Hey!!! I was wondering if I could color this line art? I just wanted your permission before using it.... Thanks!
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Great line work man, I also colored it.
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I used!
These are my two favorite characters, So I had to leap at this opportunity,

Heres the link: [link]
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i teke your work to put color, her finish --- [link]
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Very awesome!:fusionrock::blackrose: Can I color this 4u? - I so want to use my mspaint!
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I colored it!! [link]
plz check it out =)
I love your lineart
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I love your Naruto linearts :) Is it okay if I colour this? I've read your terms and conditions but I still feel like I had to ask :blush:
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I think this is a beautiful, beautiful piece. Their expressions, the clean lines, and their postures are just divine!

The subtle differences between their sleeves and collars delights me also, though, I'm not quite sure why. :XD:

The way you do linearts is quite rare, I think. They look like pieces of art on their own, and some people can't do that. They're clean, crisp, and have emotion to them.

I hope you continue your art with vigour and heart. :)

The moment I saw this lineart, an idea of the way it could be coloured popped into my mind, and I set about colouring it (I hope you don't mind), and it's nice and finished now!

I hope you like my rendition of your lineart!

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Can I color it plz?
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hi, i just wanted to let you know that i colored this --> "clicky"

i hope you like it!
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really good!! :clap:
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I'm going to try and color this! Man, this is great, keep up the good work!
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:3 did you do this in photoshop?
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yes, I vectored the sketch with photoshop
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:ohnoes: You must have a holy hand then, I'm doing my first pic on photoshop and my hand shakes so much, all my lines turn out a bit shaky...
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no... use the pen tool...

search tutorial for vectoring for more info...
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:raincloud: I DO use the pen tool
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ooooOOOOOooooo...:) excellent!!
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awesome! anticipating color!
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lovvve it. great.
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