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Orochimaru's Children

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finished! coloured with SAI (japanese painting tool) and photoshop CS2.
tool: Wacom intuos 3 tablet. I just learn how to set the pen to be sensitive as a brush ^^;

Orochimaru greatest children (in the term of most favourite)

I've been trying to draw both of them for a long time...

somehow I found a good pose of Kimimaro in the manga, and using that pic as a base, I draw Sasuke mirroring Kimimaro.

btw, lineart: [link]

Orochimaru's children
-original characters from NARUTO by Kishimoto Masashi
-lineart: ME
-colour: ME

hope you'll like it...

EDIT: sasuke's nose, repaired....
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kimimaro actually fits well with the picture
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Sasuke kind of looks....old. :/
But, what a brilliant idea of making Orochimaru's pets on one picture~~ C:
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Come to think of it...
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Kimimaro needs more love <3
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I really love Kimimaro's expression...
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very nice sasuke and kimmaru
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Awsome, the 2 characters i like most in Naruto
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Kimi would have FUCKed Saske up if he wasnt sick.
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and he would have DESTROYED sasuke if he were alive to find out that sasuke killed Orochimaru.

Kimimaro: Loyal to the death and live only to serve Orochimaru.

Sasuke: Shit bag traitor and one gullible bastard.
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Not to sound rude or anything but Kimimaro's collerbone looks to severe to me. Otherwise... a great pic!
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AAAG Sasuke's pants bug me. some one pull them down a bit!! lol nice drawing though
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I never noticed until now that their clothes are so similar
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Butt bow brigade unite! ^^

Nice job!
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very fantastic ^^
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Sasuke looks a little old (I guess it's because of the shading under his nose and cheeks) But FABULOUS JOB ON THIS!! :+fav:
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nice but something is wrong with sasuke's face
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umm can you tel me how to use SAI ^^;Idk how to turn the program on

yeah i suck ^^;
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all the command shown in Japanese language.
It'll be a lll prob if your computer cant read japanese...
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^^; it cant T_T damn comp.......
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also I love this pic:Dsooo koolz
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