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Dai no Daibouken: Avan

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from Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken

Avan, the teacher of Dai, Pop, Maam, Hyunckel.. and Princess Leona..
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i loveeeee aban!! i loveee you job =3
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You actually made him look cool! Great job! I liked Avan from the manga, but the curls plus the glasses plus the goofy personality put together made it difficult to appreciate him sometimes. Awesome drawing of probably the most important character other than Dai in the whole series.
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My favorite character EVER. I love this!
Ileranerak's avatar
Oh, my god this is awesome! My fav character of Dai no Daibouken, Las aventuras de Fly.... T_T.....after Pop...
but...Avan....el maestro Avan..
I remember watching Dai no Daibouken on national TV in Mexico even before Dragon Ball...and I got all dissapointed in the ending..then I learned it was not the Real continues gloriously in the manga...
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Dragon Quest!!!!!! I miss this anime Q__Q
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greatest rpg manga ever.

too bad there's no reanimation of this.
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well, i know there's anime out of this, but its old...

series like this is better with newer animation style.
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AVAN wow *__*
I like so much dragon quest...I have the manga...
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wow, fantastic =D
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Awesome pic for an impressive character. Nice to see this manga getting appreciated, since it went underrated for a long time...My personal favorite is Maam.

Keep up the good work ;)!
Kaiju-Borru-Zetto's avatar
Love the image. Quite impressive =3
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