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I tried to be the more clear and efficient I could, and to avoid English errors (I looked for the exact words used in the English version of Photoshop, but if you find something wrong, just let me notice it), but if you need to know something more, don't hesitate to ask!
I hope this will help in some way, but remember that this tutorial's made just to show the way I do things, not the way things should be done (?). The amazing fact of Photoshop's that everything can be done in a lot of ways and with a lot of little differences, so try your best to find your own way to draw/paint/whatever ;)

Btw, the NOTES:
I really suggest NOT TO DO the sketch in the background layer, that's because after making the second step, it will be useful to hide it but to keep the faded background (this to remember the light direction) 
** When it's not specified, the level propriety should be left in the default mode, in other words: "Normal", 100% opacity and 100% fill. When I didn't use these settings, it's always told.
*** If you don't know how to apply this filter, have a look at studioedelyn's tutorial, it's very useful! (It can be found here :pointr:

Other notes:
I called each step "n. layer", but I actually used 30 layer plus the background, not just 10. The fact's that - for example - while adding the flat colours, I created a new layer for each part, then the same in the 5th step.
- I didn't specified how to apply, the filter at step 10, I'm sorry! I explain here: above all the layers made, create an adjustment layer (if you can't find the icon, check it here :pointr:…), select Photo Filter, then choose the filter you want (in this case I used the first one of te list)

Btw, this step by step is the process of the drawing Little messenger from the sky, here:
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So cool! How do you add the shadings? (layer 5)