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Kotori and Hunk by Sharidaken Kotori and Hunk :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 13 2
Fan Fiction: The Crossover Allstars Chapter 19
Chapter 19: Training with the Avatar
The next day, David waits on the training area in workout attire. He readies himself with some stretching before his session. Accompanying him were Rex and Raptor, who are eager to see David start his training, followed by Arokh flying in from above who lands next to the two raptors.
“Have I missed anything?” Arokh questioned.
Rex responds, “Not yet. We’re just getting prepared.”
“I wonder who these trainers might be.” David asked while stretching his arms. “You think it might be one of the freedom fighters?”
“I’m sure they have someone in mind.” Rex stated.
Raptor looks up and points, “Hey look, brother. It’s the wind boy.”
Aang flies in riding on a wooden staff with fan-like gliders and lands on the training ground. He notices David. “Hey, it’s you, with the dragon.”
“Avatar Aang…?” David exclaimed. “Wow, you
:iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 1 7
A Fallen Angel and Her Summoned Hero by Sharidaken A Fallen Angel and Her Summoned Hero :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 28 18
Fan Fiction: The Crossover Allstars Chapter 18
Chapter 18: The Nicktoon Freedom Fighters Part 1
After arriving into Ba Sing Se, David and his group are allowed into the city by the female warriors and the cartoony raptor. “The name’s Rex. You guys must be with the Cartoon Network Resistance.”
“That’s right.” David nods. “So that means Numbuh 1 and the Kids Next Door are here then.”
“Yep.” Rex replies. “Follow me. I’ll explain everything once we get onto the monorail.”
The group follows Rex to a monorail station and boards one of the cars leading them into the city with Arokh flying in above. Most of the party looks out in awe as they see the many sections of Ba Sing Se with numerous Nicktoons shown throughout the city.
“Quite the view, isn’t it?” Rex remarked.
“It’s very fascinating.” Double D commented. “I would’ve never thought the Nickelodeon Resistance would hide in a place like this.”
:iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 4 2
Sailor Alanabeth by Sharidaken Sailor Alanabeth :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 12 10 Inktober Sailor Alanabeth by Sharidaken Inktober Sailor Alanabeth :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 3 8 Sailor Gutara by Sharidaken Sailor Gutara :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 10 16 Inktober Sailor Gutara by Sharidaken Inktober Sailor Gutara :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 8 3 Moe Williams Redeigned by Sharidaken Moe Williams Redeigned :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 6 19
Fan Fiction: The Crossover Allstars Chapter 17
Chapter 17: Pokémon Go Home
The party continues on inside a forest with Pinkie Pie rambling on, "So let me get this straight…" She said in a stern manner, "You're name's Spike too?" The pink pony said referring to Spike Spiegel.
The bounty hunter had on a bored look replying irritably, "For the last time, yes..."
"Wow! That's amazing!" Pinkie Pie responds astonishingly. "We also have someone back home name Spike. He's a dragon. ...It's a good thing he's not here or things would be confusing since you both have the same name."
Annoyed, Spike glances over to David, "Hey kid, do you know that there are three things that I particularly hate?"
The young man looks at him baffled, "Um, no..."
"Kids, animals, and women with attitudes."
"Geesh~ someone's cranky." Eddy retorted.
"Heh... guess I didn't think this is how we'd recruit new members." David chuckled sheepishly rubbing the back of his head, "Tho
:iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 4 11
Flutterbi on the Beach by Sharidaken Flutterbi on the Beach :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 9 7
Fan Fiction: The Crossover Allstars Chapter 16
Chapter 16: Attack on High School
On the rooftops of a school building three girls were having lunch together when one of them, name Hitomi asks a question, “Did you hear about the new transfer students attending school?”
“New transfer students?” A girl with bright pink twintails and pink eyes responded out of curiosity. Her uniform was a cream colored long sleeved shirt with a big red bow on the front and two pockets on them, black plaid skirt, white thigh high socks with a pair of brown shoes and wore two red ribbons in her hair.
“Didn’t know we were expecting new students today?” Another girl with short medium blue hair and blue eyes also responded the same way. She wore the same uniform with the bottom of the sleeves open with red borders around them and dark deep blue knee socks. “Which school are they in?”
“They’re a few middle schoolers and high schoolers. I heard one of them was an Ashford student.”
:iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 2 14
Moe and Sakaki on the Beach by Sharidaken Moe and Sakaki on the Beach :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 14 27 Early Beach Stroll by Sharidaken Early Beach Stroll :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 21 13
Fan Fiction: The Crossover Allstars Chapter 15
Chapter 15: Anime School Academy
At an Inn, David, the Ed’s, Mordecai and Rigby all waited outside a room when the ponies stepped out. “How is she?” David asked.
“She’s fine so far.” Applejack answered, “Just tired out is all.”
“Poor dear.” Rarity pitied, “She must be devastated after everything that’s happened.”
“It’s best we let her get some rest for now.” Twilight advised. “Dipper and Mabel are keeping a good eye on her at the moment.”
“So what do we do now?” Mordecai asked. “Should we wait till she recovers?”
“Ah man, that’s gonna take forever.” Rigby groan. “Can’t we do something fun at least?”
“Rigby, C’mon dude,” Mordecai snapped at him, “Do you always have to think of yourself?”
“Actually, I think the raccoon has a good point.” Eddy agreed.
“Hmph...” Ri
:iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 3 22
Under the Twilight Sky by Sharidaken Under the Twilight Sky :iconsharidaken:Sharidaken 10 9
Entire Cast to Fan Fiction: The Ultimate Movie…

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Vegetable Serenade by JadeyJadeBear Vegetable Serenade :iconjadeyjadebear:JadeyJadeBear 15 15 who knew leon could dance by Conker139 who knew leon could dance :iconconker139:Conker139 4 0 Lingyin Huang by Razorkun Lingyin Huang :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 173 20 Squid girl by Razorkun Squid girl :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 230 17 WIP bayonetta by Razorkun WIP bayonetta :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 24 3 Com:Dorel by Razorkun Com:Dorel :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 34 6 bayonetta by Razorkun bayonetta :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 173 15 blue:peach by Razorkun blue:peach :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 131 21 Maid Nozomi by Razorkun Maid Nozomi :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 150 14 little ayumi by Razorkun little ayumi :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 148 23 friendly hello by Razorkun friendly hello :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 115 6 Bee Rosalina by Razorkun Bee Rosalina :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 949 44 CatSuit Peach by Razorkun CatSuit Peach :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 679 44 hewart:Commission by Razorkun hewart:Commission :iconrazorkun:Razorkun 46 5 20101030  Jill BSAA by Ana-Archer 20101030 Jill BSAA :iconana-archer:Ana-Archer 66 8 LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! by TJFuZioN LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! :icontjfuzion:TJFuZioN 43 8


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Who's your favorite character voiced by Monica Rial 

5 deviants said Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)
2 deviants said Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)(I'm sure this will get more votes)
2 deviants said Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa (Azumanga Daioh)
2 deviants said Stocking (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)
2 deviants said Other (Please Comment)
1 deviant said Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (Soul Eater)
1 deviant said Renge Houshakuji (Ouran High School Host Club)
No deviants said Konoka Konoe (Negima!)
No deviants said Yukari Sendo (Rosario + Vampire)


Good Bye Sparky

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 23, 2019, 4:11 PM

As of today, my mom and I finally said our good-byes to my Jack Russell, Sparky. He lived to be 17 years old, and although I wasn't ready to say goodbye just yet, he had been suffering for a long time we decided it was time.

Since back in 2010 my dog had arthritis and we've been doing everything we can to help him with his pain. For years I had folks telling me it maybe his time but kept refusing to believe that. He lasted the
longest out of all our pets.

As the years went by, taking care of Sparky has been very difficult, but during the times I've spent with him made me realize just how important he still was to me. I kept trying to tell myself he was old, he needed my help and care, I shouldn't be so rough on him. The fact that he lived this long made me realize the importance of responsibility and not relying so much on others to handle things for me. Even if it was so much trouble I did my best to provide my dog the care he needed.

He was a gift to me at a young age. My family and I all loved him, we even gave him his first birthday when turning one. He traveled with us in every move
and through every struggle my family and I endured we always had Sparky to tag along with us. Even as things changed over the years, some of our old friends and family were still surprised he was still around. Even strangers we'd come up to meet him were surprised to know how old he was even thou he didn't show it.

Sparky was more than just a pet in our family, to me, he was my baby boy, full of happiness and trouble. He gave me warmth and joy. He was frustrating at times but in the end it was all good to look back at and be amazed with how much energy he had, even as an old dog. I still loved him no matter what.

As Sparky got older he wasn't getting any better. He was still able to eat but was always in so much pain and couldn't get up most of the time. After taking him to get looked at, the vet told us there was nothing we can do for him and so we decided it was time.

I held Sparky in my arms, still unable let go of him. He felt so lively to me I couldn't bare the thought of seeing him leave. There was so much I wish I could've done before our goodbyes. But in the end, I was glad he was with me for a long time.

Part of me feels a little relief. I no longer have to worry about his conditions and knowing he'll be seeing my stepdad in the afterlife. But its going to take some time getting use to not having him around the house or greet me whenever I come home. But I thank God everyday for keeping my dog alive alive for me all these years.

This year has not been a good start for me or at least in terms of everyone. The start of this weekend has not been any less brightful on so many things. 

Sparky, I love you so much. You will forever be in my heart and will always be remembered by my family and I. Thank you for always making me happy my entire life. I love you, my baby boy.

Sparky 9/9/02-2/23/19
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