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KirbyButterGamer by shareyourworldwide KirbyButterGamer :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 4 0 Request LunarChristy Final by shareyourworldwide
Mature content
Request LunarChristy Final :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 1 0
Request Lunar Christy by shareyourworldwide
Mature content
Request Lunar Christy :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 1 2
Staring into the dark by shareyourworldwide Staring into the dark :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 2 2
There was once a creature that a long time ago did not know it's name and was only interested in surviving, gathering food and hunting prey.
One day it discovered light and heat that it could wield itself. From then on it grew eyes and saw brightly what was around it.
The creature wanted more than just hunt and gather, so it found a way to grow and store food reliably.
It then looked around it and saw great planes and mountains surrounding it and thought „I want to go there.“
So the creature ventured forth and went there. The creature then stumbled upon the sea, where fish were plenty and the plants exotic. The creature then looked across the sea and thought to itself „I want to go there.“
So the creature felled trees and built a ship that took it across the sea. When it landed it made itself a new home and then went to look upwards to the sky and thought to itself „I want to go there.“
So the creature built planes that took it beyond the clouds wher
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Request: Germaine 'Jerry' Koch by shareyourworldwide
Mature content
Request: Germaine 'Jerry' Koch :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 2 5
Nhoj Nelluc Tranaf by shareyourworldwide Nhoj Nelluc Tranaf :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 2 6
Tales of Erutuf: Berga Enderwerth Part 4
Berga stood in front of the massive head of a dragon, its eye was fixated on Berga as if it were thinking about something. Ice cold and glowing breath was slowly seeping from its teeth filled mouth. The jaw was covered in spikes, forming a beard like structure of ice and scales. The head of the dragon was huge, surely a few buildings would fit alongside its skull. The big cavelike nostrils pointed towards North, creating the wind that Berga had to fight through. Right next to the dragon the cold was gone, it was as warm as in the more northern part of the ruins. The eye of the dragon was drifting for a while, as if searching for a thought, but now it looked at Berga again and she heard a voice in her head.
'Hello Seer.' The voice said.
Shocked Berga shrieked and fell backwards on her bottom.
'Don't fret, your journey through D'Rak'Kre are over now.'
Berga was confused for a moment then she figured out that the voice came from the dragon laying in front of her. Berga tried to speak, but
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Tales of Erutuf: Berga Enderwerth Part 3
As Berga saw it she had two options. Either stay here and try to dig her way out of the ruins into what was probably another collapsed cavern or to go deeper and find another way out. Thinking that there must be another exit, she started going back again towards the center of the cavern. This time she walked a bit faster, as she wasn't looking through every single house on the way to find some hidden treasures. Her life was a bit more important now than a loaf of bread in a week's time. Mentioning bread, Berga found the bread that had fallen out of her bag. Even though just a little fell out,  what did could save her life in the long run. She ripped off the pieces that were smeared with blood and put them into her sidebag which, even though it had a hole in it, was able to hold them more or less. Twenty minutes later Berga stood at the foot of what once was the big structure. The collapsed ruins looked like a temple of sorts, many coffins were visible in the rubble, their lids bro
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Tales of Erutuf: Berga Enderwerth Part 2
After half an hour's rest Berga set out again, taking her torch and pot and storing the latter in her sidebag. Today was a bit unusual since Berga never went so deep into the ruins, but she'd already been through the higher part of the ruins and those were picked empty. Maybe some older pot shards were still around, but not much more. Berga wondered what time it was, since it was hard to tell in the darkness of the old ruins. There was no light but that of the torch and some luminous plants which had made it down here. Their lights were dim, but visible and they illuminated the walls all the way to the far end of the cavern. Either the olden ones could see incredibly well in the dark or they had some way to illuminate the cavern even further. People were talking about how in the old days magic was abundant and every second person was fluent in the use of it. Something happened a long time ago that changed that and people were not able to use magic anymore. Only a select few wizards, wi
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Tales of Erutuf: Berga Enderwerth p1
How to fit in in a town that does not want you? Berga Enderwerth was confronted with this question every day.
She didn't have a lot of money. What she had she made by scavenging the old ruins two days from Devont, the town she lived in. People kept away from the ruins, which they often said were haunted and dangerous. Berga found only the latter to be true: The ruins were old and had the habit of falling appart a bit, but the treasures she found were worth the risk.
Now treasure is used as a loose term. Berga mainly found small pots and copper trinkets, nothing that would make someone rich, but surely something that might buy someone some bread and water for a week. Berga did once apply to be a waitress at the Sturdy Stool, the local tavern, but she didn't react kindly to men grabbing her ass when she walked by the tables to serve drinks, the many barfights that were started by a careless hand started to shoo the costumors away and the owner of the bar threw her onto the streets.
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Le Dique by shareyourworldwide
Mature content
Le Dique :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 0 0
KirbyPool by shareyourworldwide KirbyPool :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 0 0 Foster Beaver for Ryan Klassen by shareyourworldwide Foster Beaver for Ryan Klassen :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 1 0 Sans Kirby by shareyourworldwide Sans Kirby :iconshareyourworldwide:shareyourworldwide 5 4
Darkness has fallen over the train station. I'm making my way up the ramp towards platform 4, I wait for my train to arrive.
Next to me a lighter flicks to live and lights a cigarette, it's light shining bright in the darkness, the smoke clouding it's area.
One by one more lights flicker and soon the place is filled with a thin layer of smoke. Someone coughs, someone else pulls his jacket around himself.
A gush of wind streams from the south and the smoke dissapates, we all wait for our trains. A train pulls into the station, it is not mine, people get aboard as the doors open and soon after they are gone, alone the rest of us now stand, waiting for our train.
I look around in the darkness, aside from some dark buildings I can only make out the smoking, glowing dots. Like stars they are strayed between the masses, darkness between us, only faint light shining down from the roof.
In the darkness people talk, some greet each other, hug, kiss. I stand here, taking in the moment, my bag at
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Inktober day 20: Deep by drachenmagier Inktober day 20: Deep :icondrachenmagier:drachenmagier 696 38 crystal bonsai by drachenmagier crystal bonsai :icondrachenmagier:drachenmagier 1,266 87 Concordia by calgarc Concordia :iconcalgarc:calgarc 7 1 Fandumb #101: The Sound of Batman by Neodusk Fandumb #101: The Sound of Batman :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,111 0 Saurian-Triceratops Lifecycle by arvalis Saurian-Triceratops Lifecycle :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,271 353 -Steelix- by arvalis -Steelix- :iconarvalis:arvalis 9,587 587 Fandumb #93: Darwinian Poke Evolution by Neodusk Fandumb #93: Darwinian Poke Evolution :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,711 165 Fandumb #74: It's How You Play The Game by Neodusk Fandumb #74: It's How You Play The Game :iconneodusk:Neodusk 1,208 325 Starky by Mechatorachiman Starky :iconmechatorachiman:Mechatorachiman 5 12 Gas Echo by xXKonanandPain Gas Echo :iconxxkonanandpain:xXKonanandPain 119 8 11 Here's the Thing About Perspective by betsyillustration 11 Here's the Thing About Perspective :iconbetsyillustration:betsyillustration 247 12 Subspace by moppaa Subspace :iconmoppaa:moppaa 150 8 It's The Art Of Losing! by Renny08 It's The Art Of Losing! :iconrenny08:Renny08 566 116 I won't have to miss you by Renny08 I won't have to miss you :iconrenny08:Renny08 893 309 Pineapple Surprise! by MichaelJLarson
Mature content
Pineapple Surprise! :iconmichaeljlarson:MichaelJLarson 323 26



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Worry not about me.
Hope you do well and remain still free.
I'm still here, will be tomorrow.
No need for premature sorrow.
Spread your wings and see all the things you thought you couldn't be.
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  • Eating: Not as healthy as I should :I
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Favourite cartoon character: Monkey D. Ruffy



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