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I watched these movies a week or so ago, and I just wanted to say stuff about 'em. The Die Hard one was pretty good, I only watched it because I knew who the actor was (Bruce Willis) and I like him, I guess, and because my Dad chose it.. >.> Twas good. 
The Mt. Zion one :| (have you seen it? have you even HEARD of it??) In it's own way, it was good, it was also kinda boring... It was kinda like the 'Boy' movie :| (Which I only ever saw half of.. At school..). These are New Zealand movies btw -.- .. Pictures portray NZ as this "beautiful, green" country... But really.. It's pretty (no offence) crap. It depends where you are, like any place. This (or these) movie(s) shows the more "crappier" side of this country. I like some movies like that, they don't show you the "fab" side (although they can sometimes be a tad boring). 
"Zion" I said it Zee-on but its Zi(like 'sigh')-on ._. *Stupid~*
In parts of this movie, they speak Maori ._. (mow/meow - ree) <--('Totally' how you say it :3) but it's fairly easy to understand >~>" 
Watched it because Stan Walker was in it :3 (but then because this guy from these ads was in it..)
If you've watched it.. Tell me what you think.. I'm interested :D

Ghost chips anyone? :D 

On a completely different note: I am currently working on my items for my portfolio for Art.. and kinda my speech for English. I most likely won't be posting anything for awhile (a longer while then usual). Sorry. 
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(Used to be something else. Oh well.)
'Busy' with school. Don't have time (and patience) to draw (as in copy). 
I'll draw my OWN stuff :) Sure as hell ain't gonna submit/post it though :D
deviantART is a social networking type o thing, right? (pre sure) If I did a survey, would you guys maybe possibly do it ._. answer it? ._." (you know what I mean.. I hope)? It's not for stupid reasons, honest, (makes it seem like it is now :3 ) It's for an Assessment thing (ya get credits, so its kinda important).. and almost everybody will probably do it on Facebook, or instagram, or twitter or stuff like that (I'd rather not; no offence). So yeah.. Yeah or nah to a survey? ._. (probably nah, but its worth a shot)
(random 'song')
********** sits in the old gum tree~
merry, merry king of the bush is he~
laugh, **********! Laugh, **********!
What a life you lead.. Gay your life must be.. Fun your life must be.. (one of those.. Ideka.. twas the 'gay' for us)

Who knows this 'song'? :D (probably a lot) We used to sing this in primary =w= memories..

(I'll try doing something now, sorry)
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*We were taught how to learn/study today :D (it was surprisingly alright)
*Music. I. need. new. music. HELP. MEH. D:
*Stefan D:<  Gahhhhh...... Me no likey him..Me likes Klaus 'n' Damon (TVD) Here, in our country, we get shows originating from other countries very late :| I am not kidding. It honestly sucks. Oh, unless you like watching 'Shortland Street' (never heard of it? Good. fking good. It sucks.)..Bro town used to be a nice show :)
*Ball. 21st June. (or 20th. For most of you. Doesn't matter.) =_= or 'Prom' I guess ._.
*200 watchers

What kind of music do you like? Hm~? (I may offend some/a lot of people next, sorry, I don't mean to) No Adele, Bruno Mars, or Taylor Swift :) Could vary from Classical to... deathcore.. (?) *takin' suggestions.. Doesn't even have to be English~ (I will draw the line at one thing though.)* I'm desperate for music right now..

***Oh, thank you all.. 200 watchers.. cool...? It's not a lot, but oh well.. To me.. It's fine :) You guys are all awesome ^_^ I don't even think you all will stay, but thanks for being here for the tiniest bit :) ***

(I'll try and post something.. Sorry..)
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:iconu-ne: <-- Contest holder (?)
:thumb369041884: <---Details and what not :)

The title of this journal pretty much explains what the contest is about, so I don't think I need to explain it.. But yeah, if you're interested, go check it out.

yeah.. I WAS going to enter.. but Knowing me.. I won't do it... I know I have stuff to do for a few people, and I'm sorry I haven't finished them.. I just don't think my drawing 'ability' is good enough yet, and I want to try harder and actually produce something at least semi-decent (I started 'em, honest, but I won't finish 'em) :\ *no self-confidence* Sorry. I should be posting this journal on my other account, but the chance of someone actually reading this is a whole lot more higher with this account.. Make sense? No? 'Kay.
I've wanted to go this for awhile now.. Never got the chance. If its in the NORTH Island: Wellington (5 hour drive from here) OR Auckland (2hr " " ") So F. it. BUT THIS YEAR IT'S IN HAMILTON (city that takes an hour to drive to, not bad). My mum said its all good to go to. So YAY!!! I know it's nothing cool, but here, we get nothing. :| Seriously. I might see if I can take a friend (family pass maybe? ..'family'). It might be really gay ._. Meh.

**Last year**
Dude I know: I went to Armageddon. Do you know Naruto?
Meh: ._. Yes.
Him: Do you know what a kunai is?
Meh: Yes.
Him: I got one :)
=_= Is it cool? :\ Armageddon. I won't be wasting time will I?? (and money) Should I wait another couple of years? (Next ones are in the South Island. Stuff takin' a plane..or Ferry.)
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(^How fun)
What language do you speak? (Other than English, if you speak it.) OR what language do you think is.. 'cool' and maybe like it enough to learn how to speak it..?
I love (meh) speaking English :D I, personally, do not like my other language. No offence, seriously.
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Do you ever go on a site like.. eBay or Amazon or some online 'shop' and you're just randomly looking at stuff, then BAM! You find/see something you really like (and maybe weren't expecting to be on there?) and you want it? But then you realise you can't afford it =3=" and you're like D: / =_= / :'( or :) even if it's really cheap? Yeah.. Meh right nows.. pre much 10 bucks
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Yeah, I'm sorry.. (You might read a lot of 'sorry's in this.. I can say that word a lot, js).. I'm sorry if I've ever said anything that offended you, or you didn't agree to. I'm sorry if I did something wrong and didn't even notice OR if I did, and didn't say sorry. Sorry if was ever a bitch to you, bad habit. I'm sorry if I've ever pissed you off.. I'm especially sorry to a certain someone.. I remember that I said I was guy, then a girl, then a guy, etc.. I think I may have made them/you angry, sorry, that was pretty horrible of me, I can't remember WHO it was, I have an idea, but I'd rather not say :3 But hey, who knows, I COULD be a dude, you don't know.. Unless you've actually seen me.. Then you'll know (whether Imma a guy or girl).. Sorry, I have a bad memory. I'm sorry for ranting and stuff like that, that's stupid of me, but hey, Imma stupid person, all g though. Anything else? There's probably a LOT more, I know there is. But yeah, if you think I should say sorry for something, then tell me.

It's kinda true though, I could be a boy.. I could just be pretendin' to be a chic. I could like girly stuff. I could just happen to talk like one too! Maybe my name on here isn't even my name! :0 Ya never know these things.. People lie :)

(^Also sorry about that)
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Know anything I could draw? or at least try to..
Okay, so, I am very sorry I don't ask permission before using a render. (Asking the original artist to be exact.) BUT, please do not think I am stealing their work OR saying that its mine, that 'I' drew it. I am NOT like that (that may sound vain). That also goes for drawings too. I'm sorry, but I can't just ask the creator of the anime/manga if I can draw their work. Do you think thats possible? Seriously. I probably sound like a bitch right now, but some of you may know how I feel. I may not even make sense. I can deal with someone sending me a note saying that I used their work without permission and they would like me to take it down (POLITELY), but I cannot deal with someone posting a link to every comment on a deviation (of mine, or anyone's) and making me/them look like a bad person. Most people don't intend to steal and stuff, okay? (I sure as hell don't). They just want to do what they enjoy doing. Is that a crime? (apparently so). *sighs* I've probably forgotten to write some stuff in this.

Thank you for taking your time for reading this :) I very much appreciate it, especially if you understand how I feel.
I do NOT own the picture/render I use. I will NOT say I own it either.
I do NOT own the textures I use either. They go to their rightful owners.
The only thing I probably do own (probably) is the order I've put them in. Or stuff similar to that.

Am I gonna get in trouble for this? >.> ._. =_="
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No more school for awhile. I don't do anything for the Holidays, so.. Whats an anime I should watch? What's your favourite (I don't care what type it is.. sorta. There's 2 types I won't watch.) ? It can be a super long series, OVA, a movie, etc.
Also manga/manhwa. Your favourite? What you like reading? Etc.
(there's a LOT of anime I haven't watched, so yeah, suggest em? maybe ^^")

(I haven't watched these yet)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Makai Senki Disgaea
(I'm gonna try to make it brief..ha)
- Couldn't get my portrait painting. Art Teacher wasn't there. got called "Shareeva" thanks to my frickin lisp.
- Last day of school, sorta, today (Friday)
- End of year activities (Monday to Wednesday) Going to Auckland for a day. Art & Photography.
- Prizegiving (Junior) (Thursday) I'm gonna try to ditch. I'm getting a certificate thing. fk. But I might go, so my friend ain't alone.
- Holidays! (starting Friday)
- Staying home for Holidays :'| (like every other year)
- Might be putting up our Christmas tree (we don't celebrate xmas)
- Might be going to town with one of my friends; visit old primary school teacher. (I miss him, in a way)
- Might have family over for xmas.. ._. I took down all my drawings on my wall :)
- MIGHT finish some of those drawings.
- I (not just me) think Rorensu might like Crystal ;P lol.. Hm.. sho creepy.. and stupid. So many reasons why..
- My life is, and always will be, boring.

I hope everyone will have good holidays or something. Some people might not though.. :\ (A.)
(this is mainly for me..some stuff is from months ago)
*Yosuke - Persona 4 (game)
*Hope - FF XIII
*Vanille - FF XIII
*Roxas - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (version) (Pen)
*Leo & Yuiko - Beast Master
*L - Death Note
*Louise - Zero no Tsukaima
*A Burmese Cat
*Ian Somerhalder
*Ruri - Sacred Seven
*Mog? - FFXIII-2
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Lately I've started watching Anime again :) I've decided to watch AnoHana (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai), Sword Art far..that's it..I'm also gonna try and make time for 1 Litre of tears/1 Litre no Namida which I started watching ages ago ^^" I've also started reading Manga again.. I'm currently in the middle of 'The Bride Of The Water God'..Ch64.. Oh, I've also decided I'm gonna watch 'Hotarubi no mori e' again ^.^ and maybe some other anime movies
Any suggestions on Manga & Anime? :)
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Okay, so far I've gotten the anime:

:: Bakuman ::
:: Bleach ::
:: Fairy Tail ::

:: Naruto ::

:: Katekyo Hitman Reborn ::

:: One Piece ::
:: Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji ::
:: Inuyasha ::

:: Death Note ::
*L (I have an unfinished drawing of him on my wall..but i have to find the picture again ><)

:: Hetalia::

:: Deadman Wonderland ::
*Wretched Egg

If you comment your fave character(s) from these anime..then i'll try and draw em..if i havent already. If your fave anime isn't on here, then just comment with it, and the character (if u want) :3
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What is your favourite anime? Thats all I ask for.