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Ichigo and Rukia the Babysitters Part TwoDisclaimer: I do not own Naruto, One piece, and Bleach I only own is my ocs.Haku and Chihiro continues crying after their parents left."Umm... don't cry. You two." Ichigo replied as he puts Haku down in the floor where a large flat screen TV is at."Rukia. You should probably set up a movie for the little ones while I make the formula." Ichigo replied as Rukia puts Chihiro next to her brother."So what do they like to watch?" Rukia asked."Well Jade told us. That Chihiro and Haku likes Spirited away so put that in. I'll go make the formula for the two." Ichigo answered as he heads to the kitchen and make the formula.Rukia hands a Chappie rabbit plush to Chihiro and a Haku dragon plushie to Haku and turns on the TV to put in Spirited away for the babies. In the kitchen Ichigo had finished making the formula for the twin babies."That should do it. Now me and Rukia have feed them bottles." Ichigo replied as he grabs the baby bottles and heads to the living room. "Rukia. It's time to feed them. I'll take Haku and you have Chihiro." Ichigo replied as Rukia hands Haku to him while she takes Chihiro in her arms. The two began feeding the twin babies.After Chihiro and Haku finished eating their formula and watching their movie.Ichigo and Rukia finished burping them and they headed over a changing station. When Ichigo was changing Haku. He dodges that Haku almost peed on him while changing his diaper."You almost got peed on by Haku." Rukia teased."I don't changing diapers especially mostly disposing them is the worst." Ichigo complained as he finished changing Haku's diaper. As well with Rukia. They took the babies in the kitchen room and puts Chihiro and Haku on high chairs."Okay you two. You two need eat. Then you two need your bath and off to bed." Ichigo replied as he feed Chihiro baby food but Rukia was having a hard time feeding Haku."Hey. Rukia Is Haku eating?" Ichigo asked as Rukia tries a spoon full of food at Haku but he keeps his mouth closed."Come on Haku. You need to eat." Rukia replied as Haku gave off the glaring look like what his father did."Rukia. I think he still wants to have those steam pork buns." Ichigo answered."Haku. I know you want to eat that food that your mom told you can't have that you don't have teeth yet. Someday you're going to have teeth when you get a little older. So be patience. Now please say ahh." Rukia replied as Haku opens his mouth and she feeds him."Wow Rukia. You actually made Haku eat and he didn't even cry." Ichigo replied as he continues feeding Chihiro."Yeah. Haku actually listened to me." Rukia replied as she keeps feeding Haku.Meanwhile at a Sushi Restaurant in Konoha called Hibichi.On the vip room Jade and Aizen ordered a huge sushi boat with tea and whole platter of Sushi.Aizen was drinking his tea and sees Jade not touching any sushi."Umm..Jade your not touching your sushi. Is something wrong?" Aizen asked."Aizen. I'm worried about Haku and Chihiro that they are taken care by Rukia and Ichigo." Jade answered as Aizen sets down his tea cup down on the table."Jade. Chihiro and Haku are fine with Ichigo and Rukia. Besides they're probably giving them a bath right now. You should finish eating that food that we ordered." Aizen replied as Jade picks the chopsticks and began eating the sushi from the wooden boat."I guess so." Jade replied as she began eating up and along with Aizen.Back at the Mahoukage palace in the bathroom, Rukia and Ichigo put Haku and Chihiro in bathtub filled with water and bubbles. Rukia puts the bath toys in the water. Chihiro began playing with it, while Haku was splashing the water which Ichigo had fun with him.After Haku and Chihiro had their bath. Ichigo and Rukia had put the twin babies in their night clothes and puts them on their cribs.After both Haku and Chihiro had been take care of by both Ichigo and Rukia. They both went to bed with blankets to keep themselves warm. Rukia and Ichigo exits out of the nursery room and and closes the door."Man that was hard. I can see why Aizen was stressed out on taking care of the babies while Jade is working as Mahoukage." Ichigo replied."Jade is trying to make her kids have a better place to stay. You know someday if possible that we'll probably have a kid since we are married. Maybe he or she will get along with Haku and Chihiro." Rukia replied."I'm pretty sure we'll have one." Ichigo replied.Around Jade and Aizen headed back to the Mahoukage palace after they had a break from the twins for one day."Rukia. Ichigo. We're finally back." Aizen replied"Where's Haku and Chihiro?" Jade asked as she and Aizen sees Rukia and Ichigo on the stairs. They headed up upstairs.In the nursery room Jade and Aizen sees both their son and daughter sleeping on the cribs."Wow I guess you guys actually babysat the babies while me and Jade went to Konoha." Aizen replied as Jade looks at both Rukia and Ichigo. "Rukia. Ichigo. Do you mind being our babysitters just in case if Dagger or Fukai are busy?" Jade asked."Yeah actually we can do that. If you guys need anything for us. We'll be happy that we will do it for you." Ichigo answered."We should probably head back to Soul Society. My brother Byakuya actually wanted to know what we did today." Rukia replied as she and Ichigo headed downstairs."Thank you for taking care of Haku and Chihiro." Aizen replied."No problem Aizen. See you guys later." Ichigo replied as he and Rukia exits out of the Mahoukage palace and heads back to Soul Society.Owari
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[+Video] Violet Evergarden by RicaSensei
Hello and welcome to :iconshareanime:'s very first anime review! Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1] by Jerikuto

I’m Fabulolz (A.K.A: Lynzi), and I will be reviewing some of the latest anime that currently sparks the internet and causes wildfires (A.K.A Fangirls/boys on Tumblr and Deviantart). I’m going to pretend I’m an article writer for a journalism company. Don’t worry, I got this. *Puts on press hat and glasses I don’t need*

Warning: Possible Spoilers (Not much though, I promise!) Hatsune Miku-02 (Winks) by Jerikuto

So for my first review, let’s talk about the most epic anime of fall 2015. That’s right, ONE PUNCH MAN! (Sorry if you were thinking about something else...) This anime is rated… Well, you probably won’t care. You’ve been reading R-18’s since you were 12. Don’t lie. I know you did, because I did too. -w-”

Our story begins with- I’m not kidding- tomatoes. Like, little baby tomatoes. Mind you, I have the brain of a toddler and when I saw an image of tomatoes appear, all I could think about for the entire episode was tomatoes and if those particular tomatoes were some symbol. As you know, every anime begins with some scenery cuts of people and nature. It’s like the appetizer that keeps your eyes moving. Especially artists. They look at those tomatoes and they say,

“Well… I can totally draw fruit-vegetables!” Romano (Mad while holding a tomato) [V4] by Jerikuto

But enough about that. I know you like food, but this is supposed to be serious. Like. Super serious. Superhero serious.


Look, I’m trying my best not to spoil this for those of you who haven’t seen this anime (Though I’m pretty sure the majority of you nerds did. I’ve seen your ridiculous amounts of fanart Deviantart. I’m watching you! (Quite literally) :+devwatch:)

One (heh) thing I really like about OPM so far is that there is a certain pace about it. Sometimes you’ll watch an anime where a moment drags on for awhile, but One Punch Man literally gives you a moment. The first episode had the right speed. It started with a tiny hint, opening song, quick backstory, no pants guy, crazy epic battle, main character disappointment, END! For some, this may be too fast, but if you wanna hook your audience, this is the right way to do it. Fight sequences are paired with rock music and last for a few seconds in One Punch Man, unlike Dragon Ball where the tension buildup goes into the next episode and you might get a 30 minute battle.
:powerup: by Lythero
(Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Don’t beat me up! I have spaghetti for arms! Miuna Crying Icon by Magical-Icon )

Every scene is a comedic and action filled punch in this show, which is something I really liked.

What I mostly want to talk about is the introduction of our main protagonist: Saitama.

This guy -> One Punch Man - Saitama  (Happy)  V1 by Jerikuto

Not this guy:

This guy -> One Punch Man - Saitama  (Happy)  V1 by Jerikuto

Not this guy either:

This guy -> One Punch Man - Saitama  (Happy)  V1 by Jerikuto

Who knew a bald superhero with an emoji-like face could be so entertaining. His personality seems flat at first, but this dork grows on you. He’s a hardworking guy that has strived to become the man that can punch his enemies out with one hit. But he seems to think his hobby hasn’t done him too well because the villain can never fight back. He’s the Superman with no hair but includes relatable emotions! The complete opposite of every stereotypical hero in the comic book world! Practically invincible on the outside, but he’s a thoughtful cheeseman on the inside!

You go Saitama! You go!

The Cutest Cheese Ever by EmoAliKat CHEESEMAN! The Cutest Cheese Ever by EmoAliKat

I also want to quickly mention the villains while we’re talking about characters here. See, the designs for these guys is ridiculous. But I mean a good ridiculous. I applaud the artists for making them look so hilarious. (I'm not showing all of them, this is just a sample~!)

First villain looks like a knock off of Piccolo

Piccolo rn-> :thumb512327934:

Second looks like crab people from South Park

(But with hella nice legs and tighty whities)

Me rn -> Kyouko Toshinou (Sparkle Nose Bleed) [V1] by Jerikuto

And then there’s a mutated human car!

(Can’t get anymore anthro than that my friends)

Disney rn-> Eren Yeager (Anger Alt) [V5] by Jerikuto

The creator behind One Punch Man was certainly creative and dramatic with side characters, and I love it! Oh, but I can’t forget my most favorite character: Balls chin kid.
One-Punch Man Butt Chin Boy [V1] by Jerikuto One-Punch Man Butt Chin Boy [V1] by Jerikuto One-Punch Man Butt Chin Boy [V1] by Jerikuto One-Punch Man Butt Chin Boy [V1] by Jerikuto One-Punch Man Butt Chin Boy [V1] by Jerikuto One-Punch Man Butt Chin Boy [V1] by Jerikuto

You rn -> Al emotion - Nose Bleeding by RiverKpocc

I could talk about a million things that I saw in this first episode- the art style is amazing and the opening is even better. Overall, what you’re going to get from the first episode ultimately decides the fate of the rest of the anime. One Punch Man is like so: Build up to epicness, then slowly bring down your adrenaline.

Fabulolz First Impression Rating: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star-half:

So far, I like what I’m seeing, so give this anime a chance if you liked my review of the first episode.
Saitama by Yokkan

Stay tuned for more anime reviews and of course,

:heart: Have a Fabulolz Day! :heart:
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