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All About Share Your OCs

     Welcome to Share-Your-OCs! Here, deviants can submit art or literature featuring their own characters! Share Your OCs is very handy for broadcasting your unique characters, and getting the chance to see other artists' characters as well!
     Please take note that original characters are the only characters we allow. That means we won't accept fanart or fan literature. But the style of the art can be similar to other characters. For example, you cannot submit art of let's say, Sonic. But you can submit characters that have the "Sonic style" to them.

     Share Your OCs has no limit to character species. From humans to wolves, or chameleons to some wacky animal hybrid, you name it-- we accept it all.

     Heads up- JAYBILANT, the head admin, is always hunting around dA for deviations to add to Share-Your-OCs's gallery, so you might just have your OC asked to be featured!

     Don't know what "OC" stands for? Here's Share-Your-OCs's definition of "OC"

OC - Short for 'original character'; Making a fantasy or fictional life-based universe with character(s) with humane, animal-like, and/or superpowered abilities

Before joining or submitting, please looks over the group rules. Thank you!


:bulletblack: Please submit your art to the correct folder (Gives our admins a bit of a break, eh?)

:bulletblack: No fanart is allowed

:bulletblack: All art must be 100% original (no traced pieces, stolen work, or bases)

:bulletblack: Art can be of other artists' characters, just make sure credit to the artist is somewhere

:bulletblack: We don't accept memes

:bulletblack: Stamps go in the "other" category

:bulletblack: You can suggest something to go in the featured folder as long as it's by another artist (in other words, you can't suggest your own art to be featured)

:bulletblack: Your deviation cannot be featured two weeks in a row, as well as you cannot be featured two weeks in a row altogether

:bulletblack: A deviation cannot be featured more than one time

:bulletblack: 3 deviations can be submitted per day

If there is an error somewhere in the group, you feel that something should be added/removed, or just want to chat with the admin, just send us a note! ;) The admins are on often, so we should get to you as soon as possible!

Gallery Folders

Commission: Secret Discovery by AzumaOkami
No Place In Space by Koroblin
GIFT: Lexi the Wolf by TheMoonlitWarrior

Mature Content

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.:Hio:. by Lemurka3789
[ArtFight] Nambroth by Niverdia
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Grey Crowned Cranes by Schreckengast
Nova tickling! by voarl
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Jenny Tied and Gagged by Demonkingx666
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Ekarus by Taliyus
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Rhino thug by Crinard
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Mature Content

Jacquelyn's Fantasies 1 by ares12
Scarlet's After Work Chill (Default Outfit) by TheMoonlitWarrior
Orion III by ObsidianTrance
Humans 2
Children Of Cain by Terrible-Dark-Blade

Mature Content

Ami oversplit commission for ruanshu by Terrible-Dark-Blade
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Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

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Smash Turkey by MegaD3
Picture Day~ ! by UchihaSama224
GIFT - Napoleon by Not-Human-Kind
Maddison the Dog Girl by Mattmankoga
Style Study: Project. C.K. by Maxirider
Hard Left girlfriend by ALYPH77
Heavy is The Brow... (Speedpaint) by SilverWolf866
:OC: Amore by Viva-Indigo
.:OC:. Momo's ref sheet 2021/2022 by MomoShikadora
OC-tober. 27 Spark by Cranash64
Blood and Violence
farewell by MaJoShoujo
Journey of the Broken Ch. 2 Page 28 by HronawmonsTamer

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Share Your OCs is a group for viewing other artists' original characters and letting them view yours!
Founded 9 Years ago
Jul 31, 2012


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Art Creation

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Meet the worker monkeys noble deans of Share-Your-OCs! We couldn't of made this group without you :heart:

To become a Contributor

You have to submit deviations (even if they aren't yours) frequently, be caught helping newbies out, and contribute to the group such as suggesting features or new group rules! If we think you're Contributor-worthy, we'll automatically ask if you'd like to become one; but you can ask to be a Contributor as well (but please don't spam our poor admins with Contributor requests).

To become a Co-Founder

Hahahaha, please do not ask to be a Co-Founder; you will automatically be rejected. We'll ask you if you will accept being a Co-Founder if you're actually Co-Founder material. How do you become one? Well, if you want to be a Co-Founder for any group, you should know how to become one already!





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