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:iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz:WELCOME TO

Share your anime art with everyone! Get feedback, +favs, +llama's and +watches!
Don't keep your talent to yourself, share it!

So far, the accepted art work is:
~Digital Art
~Traditional Art
~Panel Strips
If you don't know which folder to submit your art in, check the admins section

:bulletred:Do not steal/copy other peoples art work unless you ask permission.
:bulletblue:No advertising, trolling, spamming in the group.
:bulletpink: Respect other artwork (BE NICE!)
:bulletblack:Yaoi/Yuri accepted however they must NOT be matured content. (Meaning no nudes.)
:bulletpurple:NO HENTAI!(Sorry kiddos.)

Only accepting 2 submissions per week to the featured gallery. The main folders (digital, traditional, literature, fanart, panel strips) have a limit of 5 per day and the Journals folder has a limit of 1 submission per day. The other folders have unlimited submission. We are now regulating what goes into the featured folder. For information on what will be accepted into the featured folder go see this blog.…

First of all, this is for people who don't know how to submit their art to a group.Alright, many people do it different ways, but here's my way that i've been doing it for a while..
First, go on to the art work you wish to submit. On the right hand side there show be a button that says [+]Submit to a group.Click that.
A window should popup.
There should be a selection that says ''Type a group name'' Select that and type in the bar the group name. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER OF THAT GROUP OR ELSE IT WILL SAY THAT YOU NEED PERMISSION. Anyway, after typing the name of the group click check and the groups icon should come up, click the icon and step 2 should appear, click the little arrow next to the word (Featured, or someother normally says featured anyway.) And if your lucky, there should be other folders there, click the right folder then click SUBMIT

There is another way, but I suppose this way takes more time if you want to submit your art in different groups, but if you want to submit in one group then this is an easier way I 'spose..Anyway, go on the group and there should be button that says ''Contribute art'', click it. After that, it should take you to the groups gallery folders, In the folders there should be a [+] Button. Click that and a window should popup that shows all your art work! Click all the arts you want to submit and click SUBMIT
This is pretty basic and most of you are smart enough to know this (lol) buuut..many people get mixed up between WATCHING a group and JOINING a group. If you wish to actually submit an art work then you must click JOIN GROUP and become a member, if you watch a group, you will simply get other members deviations, It's just like watching someones deviantart.

Gallery Folders

Candy Time by Qcmai
[OC] Twins2 by ShiraKyandii
[OC] Clivia and Caramel by ShiraKyandii
Kizuna Ai: Smug Artificial intelligence by Hachijuu
Digital Art
[Draw This Again] Random Character by kyuuin
PC: Noogie time! by MissRiku
Cash Commission: Amabelle by MissRiku
AT: Magic Love by MissRiku
Digital Art 2
Happy New Year elsword by shirasiyuki
Sad Baby by MsRecklessDrawing
[Commission] BW and Dinovaldo by Margo-sama
Akari Dezart [Karneval] [1] by CheRyCakeCraP
Traditional Art
Inktober #9 2018 (#202) by EliTanDark
Princess Kakyuu_SailorMoon_18+ by Pillara
Red Jasmine by Venik-art
Raven NSFW#2 by Venik-art
100 Theme OC Challenge: Under The Cherry Blossoms by MissRiku
100 Theme OC Challenge:  Catching Fireflies by MissRiku
Pyon doodle +* by LumilYuu
Commission - Naomi by KuumiArt
Servamp [Fanart] RIHITOOOOOO!! by kyuuin
BSD [Fanart] Happy Holidays! by kyuuin
Kaneki Ken by renshirenshii
Art Trade: StrawberryMarshmello by n-abu
Ashnikko by kaerubb
Mikasa goth by kaerubb
Office Suit YCH [OPEN] by velsdy
Angel Cat Commission by velsdy
Panel Strips
my new webtoon by NanaThatha
Song Daily Struggle #7 (2) by shikai1
[CM] Song Daily Struggle #7 A rival and a friend by shikai1
HxH fanart manga by ENYO-art
KuramaxReader: Worthy to Fight Part 28The fight between Toguro and Yusuke seemed to last for hours. Both sides were giving their all. Toguro was excited to finally get a good fight while Yusuke’s angrier over Kuwabara’s death fueled his power. However, in the end Yusuke won because Toguro’s body had reached his limit. Most of the weak demons in the audience were already dead by the time Toguro’s body hit the ground. Both Juri and Koto looked over at Toguro and then over at Yusuke as he got back onto his feet.“The winner: Urameshi!” Both Juri and Koto yelled throwing one of their hands into the air. Your team rushed over to Yusuke as he wobbled over to the team.Kurama caught Yusuke before he hit the ground. “Yusuke! It’s okay! It’s over! You did it, you beat him! You’re the champ!” You kneeled down next to Kurama, while Hiei stood about a foot away.“Am I…still alive…?” Yusuke slipped from Kurama’s hold onto his hands and knees. “This really sucks! I should’ve been able to do this without, Kuwabara’s sacrifice! So what’s this worth? Nothing!”“Yusuke…” You said.Yusuke cut you off. “I was right here and I couldn’t save him!” Yusuke closed his eyes tightly so he didn’t see Kuwabara stand up and started to make goofy faces and dancing. Yusuke must have sensed something and looked up to see Kuwabara doing a dance.“The thing is Yusuke,” Kurama paused, “Kuwabara never died.” Yusuke turned and glared at Kurama with tears and snot falling like waterfalls down his face. “Now, calm down and listen to me!” Kurama then explained to Yusuke that when he caught Kuwabara earlier he noticed that he was still alright and that Toguro had missed his heart. However, Kuwabara asked you all to lie and not tell Yusuke that he was. Yusuke got angry at Kuwabara and started to beat Kuwabara up for putting him though that.Yusuke finally stopped beating up Kuwabara. “Okay guys, out with it! Why didn’t he die?” Hiei commented that Toguro must not have known how stubborn Kuwabara was about living.“I don’t think Toguro intended to kill anyone, he just wanted to make the most of this day, this day he finally faced his ultimate challenger.” Kurama argued.“I agree with Kurama.” You looked up at the clearing sky. “I think at the last moment Toguro showed that he still had some humanity in him. That part of him was still the grandfather my grandmother loved.” Kurama placed his hand on your shoulder. Suddenly the whole stadium shook. Sakyo walked forward holding up a remote. He explained that the arena will self-destruct with him and his ambition inside of it. This caused a panic as everyone rushed to the exit. Even Kuwabara got into the fray when he rushed into the crowd to get to Yukina. It was tough, but your team as well as the girls was able to get out of the stadium before it was destroyed.“Wait, what about the prize?” Botan asked. “How are any of you going to get it now?”“There’s just one thing we all want, but no wish can bring it about…” Everyone looked away. Kurama wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close as you laid your head on his chest. “…all that matters is, we won! Hear that Genkai? We won!”“We better get back to the hotel and get all of our bags together. The boat will be coming to get us in about an hour or so.” Kurama commented. Everyone agreed and started walking back to the hotel. You and Kurama walked together at the back of the group.“How are you feeling Kurama?” You asked looking up at your red head boyfriend.Kurama smiled down at you. “I’m feeling perfect (Name), thanks to your healing.” You blushed slightly from the complement. “How are you feeling (Name)?”You tilted your head. “I didn’t fight.”Kurama gently took your hand in his. “I didn’t mean physically. How are you feeling about…?” Kurama trailed off, but you knew what he meant.“I miss her horribly, but I know she would want me to keep moving forward.” You nodded your head smiling. “So I plan to continue living.”“I’m glad to hear that.” Kurama stopped making you stop also. The others kept walking not noticing that you and Kurama were no longer behind them. Kurama stroked your cheek with his right hand. “You’re always beautiful, but you’re even more beautiful when you smile.”You leaned towards his hand. “Thank you Kurama. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have you by my side.”Kurama wrapped his other arm around your waist bringing you flush against his body. He nuzzled his nose into your hair. “I’ll always be by your side (Name). I love you.”“I love you too Kurama.” You looked up at him and smiled. “I can’t wait to see our classmate’s looks when we get back and they find out that we’re together.”Kurama smiled as he ran his fingers though your hair. “My mother is going to love you.”“You think so?”“I know it.” Kurama leaned down kissing you on the lips lightly. “Let’s get going to the room to get our bags.”You pouted. “Do we have to?”Kurama laughed lightly kissing you again softly. “Yes we do. Don’t worry we’ll have time for more of that later.” You saw something flash though Kurama’s eyes that made you smile.“I’ll hold you to that promise Kurama.”“I hope you do.” Kurama took your hand and lead you towards the hotel.You pushed the last shirt into your bag before pulling the duffle bag closed. You threw the bag over your shoulder as the bathroom door opened behind you. Kurama walked out of the bathroom carrying his toothbrush and tooth paste.“You ready (Name)?” Kurama asked placing the items he was holding into his own bag that was resting on the bed.You nodded. “I’m ready. You have everything?”“I hope so.” Kurama laughed a little making you smile.“So what’s the plan when we get home?” You walked over to his side as Kurama closed up his bag.“I would like to tell my mother as soon as possible.” Kurama smiled at you. “I want my two girls to meet each other.”“Putting me right on the spot aren’t you?”Kurama wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you flush against him. “Don’t worry she’ll adore you.”“I guess should be more worried about your fan girls at school.” You sighed. “They’re going to try to kill me, I know it.”Kurama swept you off your feet holding you bridal style. “Don’t worry my princess I’ll protect you.”You laughed wrapping your arms around his neck. “My hero.” Kurama smiled at you and leaned down kissing you on the lips. You arms tighten around Kurama’s neck as you happily kissed him back. Kurama’s tongue slid out of his mouth and traced your lips begging for entrance. You opened your mouth and had you tongue meet his. The two muscles danced together, but suddenly there was a pounding at the front door to the room. You and Kurama slowly pulled apart.“Hey you two hurry up! The boats going to be here soon!” Yusuke yelled from the other side of the door.“Alright Yusuke, we’ll be out in a minute.” Kurama called back. You both heard Yusuke’s foot steps fade away.You groaned burying your face into Kurama’s shoulder. “Is it just me or does someone always interrupt us?”Kurama laughed kissing your forehead. “We’ll be home soon (Name) and then Yusuke and Kuwabara won’t be able to interrupt.”You smiled looking up at Kurama. “I can’t wait to get home then.”Kurama gently placed you back down on your feet. “Let’s get going to the harbor then.” Kurama grabbed his bag and throw it over his shoulder.“Okay.” You grabbed your bag from the floor where it had fallen when Kurama had picked you up. You glanced out of the window. ‘Goodbye grandmother.’“(Name)?” You turned to Kurama who was standing by the front door to your hotel room.“I’m coming!” You ran over to Kurama’s side. Kurama took your hand and lead you out of the hotel room. You and Kurama found the rest of the gang at the harbor waiting for the ship.Yusuke turned as he heard the two of you approaching. “About time you two showed up. Finally stopped making out long enough to get your stuff together.”You stuck out your tongue at him. “You’re just jealous that you and Keiko haven’t gotten to that stage yet.”“(Name)!” Keiko yelled her face bright red.“(Name) that’s disgusting!” Yusuke yelled as equally red.Keiko whipped around to face Yusuke. “What is that supposed to mean Yusuke?”Yusuke gulped taking a step back. He started to wave his hands franticly in front of him. “Nothing! I didn’t mean anything by it!”“Yusuke.” Keiko growled.Yusuke gulped again and looked over to the side. "Hey there’s the ship!” Everyone looked out into the ocean and saw the ship was closing in on the island. “Okay, let’s get ready to aboard.” “Time to blow this joint.” Kuwabara commented.“All righty!” Yusuke punched his fist into the air. “Off we go, victorious!” The rest of you cheered.“With a nary a look back, eh?” You all heard a voice behind you. You all slowly turned around towards the voice. “Going to leave an old lady behind?”“Genkai?!” Yusuke ran over to the old woman with the rest of you following after him. “How? How are you…alive?” Genkai quickly explained that Koenma kept her body because of Toguro so when you won she could come back.“Toguro knew we would win.” Kurama commented.Genkai looked over at you. “You didn’t cry. Good.”You rubbed your head. “I didn’t want you to hit me over the head again like you did before.” You smiled.“We better hurry or we’ll miss the ship.” Genkai said leaning her head towards the ship that was harbored near by. The Dark Tournament was finally over and you all were finally going home.
C: Teddybxby by Kafunee
C: Kanon by Kafunee
C: Selina McGarry by Kafunee
That Spark of Black That I Love by Heavens-Parasite
|CM| Ayame and Misaki by GigaMessy
flat price canine adopts [3\3 OPEN] by HaseSchwanz
past contests
s p r i n g by pianno-ribbon
Fanart of Sairyoku Ninkimono
Anime related crafts
Josee, the Tiger and the Fish - Fanart by Arthursirius
Fanart 2
Contest prize: Sesshomaru by MissRiku
OC 2
[CLOSED] Adopt Auction - White Dragon by DeyMara
Digital 3
[Raffle Prize] Sketch portraits by Kekyi
Fanart 3
Card Captor Sakura ~ Sakura and Syaoran by jennylizmanga
OCs 3
Sketch Dancing While Doing Magic by Yurgotten
Digital 4
PC: Lightning Spell by MissRiku
Fanart 4
Rosaria by Araneesama
Traditional 2
Zelda BOTW Drinking Tea by Yurgotten
OCs 4
CM|Timeline reference by himeRra


My hero academia-Uraraka Ochako by SparkumiART My hero academia-Uraraka Ochako :iconsparkumiart:SparkumiART 33 7 Celestia Ludenberg by astrozepp Celestia Ludenberg :iconastrozepp:astrozepp 31 4 Faye Valentine by astrozepp Faye Valentine :iconastrozepp:astrozepp 15 0 Sailor Pharah (Overwatch x Sailor Moon) by neonetta Sailor Pharah (Overwatch x Sailor Moon) :iconneonetta:neonetta 27 0 Sailor Mercy (Overwatch x Sailor Moon crossover) by neonetta Sailor Mercy (Overwatch x Sailor Moon crossover) :iconneonetta:neonetta 90 2 Goodbye Winter by crapopabo Goodbye Winter :iconcrapopabo:crapopabo 6 0 Maki harukawa by tht-one-girl-dweeb Maki harukawa :icontht-one-girl-dweeb:tht-one-girl-dweeb 21 1 Kakashi by tht-one-girl-dweeb Kakashi :icontht-one-girl-dweeb:tht-one-girl-dweeb 12 2 ONE PIECE : Tribute to Zou Arc by Why2be ONE PIECE : Tribute to Zou Arc :iconwhy2be:Why2be 74 12 Shrine defender_ by BlizzOmos Shrine defender_ :iconblizzomos:BlizzOmos 239 7 PEGASUS SEIYA by Davian-Art PEGASUS SEIYA :icondavian-art:Davian-Art 68 24 Kiriban prize! by Deadlytwins Kiriban prize! :icondeadlytwins:Deadlytwins 47 16 inktober 2016  day 5 by Beastopop inktober 2016 day 5 :iconbeastopop:Beastopop 4 0 Shiro Reshiram _OC_ Commission by Sano-BR Shiro Reshiram _OC_ Commission :iconsano-br:Sano-BR 212 25 C l e f a i r y by Tinyqote C l e f a i r y :icontinyqote:Tinyqote 79 3
Hi. :3 It's been a really long time since I've posted a journal here. Anyway the group isn't dead yet so if you know a folder is full, instead of submitting to the wrong folder and not telling me, please send the group a note or comment on the main page. Because if you don't tell me, how do I necessarily know if a folder is full? I've had a slight suspicion the fanart folder has been full for a little bit because people have submitted their fanart to our mascot's folder but no one has bothered to tell me until a few days ago.

The new folders are:

-Digital 4

-Fanart 4

-Traditional 2

I'm not here much but I do keep up with folders and voting on submissions to certain folders.
More Journal Entries





okie dokie, this part contains more ''info'' mostly about submission, accepted things, etc.
:iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz:The featured
Alright, alot of people who don't bother to submit their art in the right folder and just put it in the featured folder, yes..I understand why, and because of this I'm controlling what actually goes into the folder, It pains me to say this but I only approve of art that I think is out of this world, but doesn't get enough views etc. So, I apologize if your art doesn't get into the featured folder!
But please try to put them in the right folders! For more information on what is accepted into the featured folder, read the above blog!

:iconnoneplz::iconnoneplz: ACCEPTED THINGS
I gueeeess this goes for all things really.
:iconlubplz:Any anime art.there are rules you know, look at the top of the page
:iconlubplz:Affiliates requests
:iconlubplz:Member requests
As you know, this group is for anime, however because people make their on stories up with their own characters, then we will accept anything for this folder.
Art drawn on the computer.
Hand drawn.
MOVING art, art that moves. xD
Will accept flash stuff..(like games and things.:3)

Harcore people who hardcorely dresses up as hardcore anime characters!
OC stands for ORIGINAL CHARACTER,(a character you originally created)
Fanart is a piece of drawing that is based on a character.

It's like a comic book pages..with pictures. :D
Boy Love
Girl Love
cat girls for example
Fanart of our group mascot
plushies, sculptures, cosplay outfits or accessories, etc. Must have something to do with an anime or manga
contests, charity projects, commissions, point commissions, art trades, and requests only


Art trades

Thank you for my Co-Founders for helping out, Much appreciated!:D





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