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The Purple Scarf Girl
A smile comes to her face easily. She knows it looks good on her and that in itself is enough to warrant it. Around her neck is a deep violet scarf with little silver bells at the ends that tinkle lightly when she moves. Down the street she walks, her hips swaying with each step, each step in tempo with some hidden music that is only in her mind.
She wears tight jeans with cute flowers embroidered into it with vibrant colors showing off her perfect hips and legs just as she planned. Her top agreeing with the statement, showing off her body to the best of it's ability in a cute manner. She knows people are looking and it's perfect.
Her long straight black hair flows behind her to midback and her green eyes are sparkling in the streetlights. She is going to the place where she can dance and be free. Where she can meet new people and maybe fall in love. In the darkness and flashing lights with fast upbeat music. Where she can dance off all the pain in her heart as the world spins quicker
:iconzzkaye:ZZKaye 8 22
Shaman-chapter one
The man was not a hermit by choice, but out of necessity.  His first name was Doug, and his last name no longer mattered.  What few relatives he had still living were out of touch and scattered across the States.  Doug lived in an old shack out in the woods, nestled in the river bottoms of the Ozarks in a secluded valley.  Considered legally insane by his doctors, whom he visited only a few times a year, he lived a sparse monk-like existence on a meager government disability check.  But he knew that he was quite sane, no matter what any doctor said, and he was a haunted man.  Once a month, when he drove into town for supplies, he felt the eyes of all the normal people piercing his soul, but these were not the eyes he had to worry about.  Any would be guest inside his home, not that he ever had any, would notice a fish hook tacked to the wall someplace in plain view in every room.  And upon these fish hooks
:iconhorrid-light:Horrid-Light 5 13
Surface to Air
They say you live by the gun
and you die by the gun
well love kicks like
a twelve gauge for me
and I'm tired of living beyond
my means of protection
kevlar and bullet proof
ceramic plates are
no match
for this high
caliber of
a weapon
Like going into
battle without my helmet
and my ammunition
running low
I had no way to strike back
when cupids shells
overcame my body
and what was once a dull
pitter patter behind
porcelain ribs
is now throbbing and aching
and beating harder than ever before.
:iconroyalocean:royalocean 27 28
Daily Literature Deviations- November 1, 2009
Daily Lit Deviations for November 1st, 2009
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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Featured by: DorianHarper

"Surface to Air" by royalocean
A beautifully written piece with a
wonderful assortment of diction about the
process and power of love. It's full of
creative imagery, definitely a piece worth reading.
featured by: RunningBear5858

"Sky" by Thornless
An eery poem telling when the sky is
dark, not the normal, lovely blue sky.
The beautiful images and language helps
create a chilling, but gorgeous effect.
featured by: kersee9

"Shaman-chapter one" by Horrid-Light
This piece is surprising, the ideas
are fresh and completely original. You
rarely find the modern realm of tre
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 60 4
THE LIT LIST: Issue No. 48
If you want to affiliate with The Lit List, please use this which will lead people to the most recent issue. Thank you!
Poetry Prompts
October Prompts from distinctpoetry.
Challenge #42 from PoetryPlease.
Witches from RawEm0tion.
Wishmaker Challenge from RawEm0tion.  
October Prompts from simplypoetry.   
:new:Villanelle from versebyverse
Prose Prompts
Books We'
:iconatrue:ATrue 32 4
Yes, Yes, and Yes
Darling, I have a theory
Poetry, like humanity, was invented for love
There are other reasons and uses, of course
But all else is secondary
It is like a house, built to hold life
On concrete and wooden planks, we walk
And sure, there's furniture
And these tables and chairs and beds are important
But they are just the crutches of the every day
We could soldier on without
The poetry is the foundation
The sticks and stones
It is what will make or break us
And it is the wolf coming to blow it all away
So why do we use, use, use
Use poetry like a train station
A way to get from point A to point B
Baby, you can ride anytime
My thunderbolt over railroad tracks
Parallel like I could only dream of us being
Parallel like my lips set to apathy
Boulder-strong like my bones can only dream of being
I need to stop dreaming of the parallel of window shades
In late afternoon, on days when poetry couldn't contain my thunder
I haven't seen much sunlight since
Poetry is a staircase, an elevator
It's a car
:icontheindefinitehiatus:theindefinitehiatus 10 24
cliche is the second.....
poems have been hard to write lately.
every time  i start to write the first words to come out are always 'you', or 'i', or 'love', or a combination of the three.
i think it's so confusing, and i find you everywhere, every song, ever raindrop, every smile.
           and you never see me.
of course, i know you're not looking for me anyway.
but {i wish} i could dream, couldn't i?
teenage fantasies of us run through my head like [a]pathetic lyrics.
i think of your lips on mine. warming them up.
and a tear falls down my cheek because a piece of me dies.
by the way, you have the most bestest hugs i have ever received.
so great i have to use improper grammar to describe them.
:icontoseeabutterfly:ToSeeAButterfly 29 40
Daily Literature Deviations - November 2, 2009
Daily Lit Deviations for November 2nd, 2009
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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Featured by: EmoSunshineMuffin

"cliche is the second....." by ToSeeAButterfly
Witty in a romantic sense. Interesting syntax that makes for
an unusual read.
featured by praytell

"Tao of Poetry I" by almcdermid
This piece is a light-and-wonder filled take on the
traditional first sutra of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching.
Featured by: EmoSunshineMuffin

"Yes, Yes, and Yes" by theindefinitehiatus
A slam about what it is to write poetry and determining what
poetry is in relation to love.
Featured by midnight-eclipses

"Bumblefuck-Epilogue" by ElTorrente
While browsing throug
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 67 20
Critique-It: Write a GUIDE TO CRITIQUE Contest
The contest opened on October 2nd and was set to close November 14th at 11:59pm PST. However, we are extending the contest deadline to encourage participation.
The Contest Will Close EITHER on December 1st OR when 30 Guides have been submitted.
Entrants will write a critique guide - either in relation to giving critique in general, or to critiquing a certain medium (photography, literature, photomanipulation, etc).
A critique guide is an article outlining how to give a good critique. It can cover general critique tips, tips for critiquing a certain medium, and even ways to make your critique come across in a nice way. The guide should be easy to understand and provide solid advice to writing quality critiques.
Guides should be uploaded into the deviant's gallery. The artist's comments MUST contain a link to
:iconcritique-it:Critique-It 31 10
*Critique-It: October in Review
:bulletred: Club Stats
:bulletgreen: 150 New Members (:faint:)
:bulletgreen: 20 Completed Critiques
:bulletgreen: 2 Contests
>> Write a Critique Contest
>> Write a Guide to Critique Contest
:bulletgreen: 3 Resource Lists
>> Critique
>> Photoshop
>> Writing
:bulletgreen: 11 New Affiliates
:bulletred: Club News
October came and went and barely had time to wave in passing. Hopefully all of you had a fun and safe Halloween.
:bulletgreen: There have been some big changes to Critique-It's day-to-day operations, most notably the addition of the
:iconcritique-it:Critique-It 18 16
Slipping to the Stars
she sifts through static on the radio
listens to ash drip from her cigarette and
kiss the road as she drives away.
she will not come back for her things.
tonight, she will become a memory,
a melody to sing you to sleep.
with her toe shoes and tutu, she whispers her song to the wind,
each syllable loosening the world’s grip on her,
bringing her closer to the stars.
she closes her eyes,
feels the cool rush on her face,
and disappears
as her note flutters to the ground.
"don’t weep for the parting of the stars;
they were gone long before you met them.
i was gone long before you met me."
:iconsecretsynapse:SecretSynapse 23 30
Morning Window
Dreams are aborted and sparrows sing.
A ceiling spiraled with plaster above my head,
The woman with brown curls
And a smile that sounds like windchimes.
I am perhaps not unhappy.
She steps off the sidewalk and
I'm left between brick cubicles.
Mist sinks between our curtains,
Piano music and coffee smells
Paint the soft white walls.
I am a twilight child.
The blood also rises
And I can't see a cereal bowl through
Wisps of bedded hair.
Spoon reflections do fair justice
When still enraptured in warm haze.
I listen to the changing sky.
Islands in the air brush those treetops,
A guardian shining on their white sands.
We both listen for yawning wildflowers
But I cannot make them open.
They seem less blushed behind the glass.
Vacant streets are bathed,
Inviting me for chalk drawings and dancing.
The grass is alive with nesting moths,
My world burns in green.
Sparks of air and ignited creatures
Sail like dandelion seeds.
I taste cherished things.
:iconarcaneautumn:ArcaneAutumn 12 28
Daily Literature Deviations for November 3, 2009
Daily Lit Deviations for November 3rd, 2009
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
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Don't hesitate to comment or :+fav: the artists for their hard work!
Suggested by: Silvaz
Featured by: EmoSunshineMuffin

"Morning Window" by ArcaneAutumn
The imagery is particularly vivid, especially
the parts about piano music, coffee smells painting
the soft white walls, and the world burning in green.
Fantastically beautiful.
featured by: dreamsinstatic

“Impermanence” by RoxasWannabe
The combination of painfully beautiful imagery
set against the darker tone of poignant emotion brings
a heavy impact in this poem.  Bittersweet and heartbreaking,
every stanza draws one further into the gravity of it's voice.
Featured by teenyxtinyxtina

"Slipping to the Stars" by :dev
:icondailylitdeviations:DailyLitDeviations 72 15
It's Like This
It was like looking through a room full of nothing more than hanging cobwebs. Like combing through an attic in search of that one blasted illusive photo album that contained all your memories, even the ones you couldn't remember. It's watching the dust explode around your heels and toes as you scuttle through the darkness, away from the tiny foot prints and reaching slips of old sweaters.
It's wondering where you put that album and knowing you won't remember in time. The voices from down stairs are calling you back and wondering where you've disappeared to, and it's turning around like a frightened creature at the sound of the door creaking open and the light flashing through. It's like watching the shadow play against the wall and knowing you have to hide soon, or they'll find you.
And even as I reach the top of the attic in search of her, I can't find her. Between the boxes of sweaters and the rotting bags of old toys, she's gone. Her foots prints have ceased being steady and now str
:icondesanime:Desanime 13 18


Inspiration in a bottle by the-unhype Inspiration in a bottle :iconthe-unhype:the-unhype 829 114



Shards-of-Shame has started a donation pool!
70 / 20,000
These points will go towards my Scavenger Hunt project. Any and all help is appreciated.

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Dearest detectives, here are your clues. May you enjoy your hunt and act upon your cues.

Clue 1: Two days ago a lady with a 3 posted a lovely feature article for PC. Spread the love and use clue two to set your search ablaze.
Clue 2: Sometimes they say the best is saved for last. Follow the leader and give a tribute with meaning.
Clue 3: Ride on and press your limits to the max. Leave a tribute with the dewy heart.
Clue 4: Rush into the simple life.
Clue 5: Look close at what the artist says and follow the whisper to a place where love is shown in both color and black-and-white. Leave a tribute before continuing your hunt.
Clue 6: Nights are lit up by stars so follow a star like the true North and skip across galaxies.
Clue 7: Don't let things end in a tragedy and stay for tea, for now your journey has come to an end after your tribute is left.

Hint for clue 1: Project Comment fiyt.
Hint for clue 2: The last deviation featured.
Hints for the rest of the last clues revolve around the comment.

Three spots are left! Winners will be posted Thursday night.


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