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Princess B- err... I'll just...stand over there... out of the range.

I really need more RAM. Working on anything when ponyscape keeps freezing and crashing is no fun.

Cutie mark by :icondotrook: per the norm.
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*story finished*

... it actually happened though
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Royal Guard: "All hail Her royal highness Queen Blackjack!"
Blackjack: "Where are my concubines?"
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You owe Charity at least twice as much caps as there is in the wasteland for that crown.
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Her royal highness: Queen Whiskey!
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Hail to the Queen!
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*Play off key kazou fanfare*
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All she needs now is a crown of Wild Pegsus bottles
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And she will rule Equestria...
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BEHOLD.. The element of whiskey! XD
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.and not being smart. ;)
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Well she always wanted wings but she was tough for a princess
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I like her expression but I get frustrated when people draw her with out a pipbuck. she always has one, very rarely is it not on her! except when she fights Phychoshy in the arena 
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And at Hippocratic Reseach
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And then this really happened...sort of.
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Its all wrong where the da pregnancy belly! And where's the cybernetics?
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princess blackjack? meh, all hail queen whiskey
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Well, if the Goddess had gotten to her, at least she'd be rid of the cyberstuff.
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You know this is now kinda canon in the story? ALL HAIL QUEEN BLACKJACK!
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On so many levels D:
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>working n anything when ponyscape keeps freezing and crashing is no fun

I know that feeling. I was in the process of exporting the new cover for A Pony of a Different cover when it crashed. [link]. I had just the basic layout when I had last saved it. Had to redo nearly everything!
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All hail Princess Go Fish for Whiskey!
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well it either end up like this or end up like dues. on the bright side u can run on ethonol
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