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Warden Redux

Had a weird nostalgia moment yesterday and decided to remake an old pic of my irascible Dalish Warden PC from Dragon Age:Origins

I really enjoyed that first Dragon Age game

Old Pic: Elven Warden by Shardanic 

Brenatto's Voltaic Bolt! by Shardanic  CMS- Maris Ki'Palla by Shardanic  Sable Blackblade by Shardanic  CMS- Rasoni by Shardanic  Kara Bust by Shardanic 
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zwartekraai's avatar

I love the combination and contradiction between the shy expession on her face and her muscular frame and weapons.

amazonlover08's avatar

Please make some of theses PRINTS for sale, your style is AWESOME. Thx for sharing

Codeyellow07's avatar

So she's uncharge of a prison?

TorturedPrinceofFire's avatar
soulSmith1's avatar
awesome. love the whole thing
Window07's avatar

I like the warden. She is tough and cute at the same time.

Shardanic's avatar

Don't let her hear you say that ;)

Window07's avatar

I will be sure to be careful. lol.

The-PBG's avatar

Shows such a great improvement in your art ^^

cactusjoe999's avatar

We can clearly see the improvement in your art with this revision. She's quite stunning. :)

i miss this game from time to time. So many good memories of gallivanting around, saving or ruining, so many lives.

Shardanic's avatar

Yeah, I'm ready for another old school rpg :D

TheTubich's avatar

Looks amazing!

NRGComics's avatar

She's cute when she's confused. :D

Patrick-Leigh's avatar

Your skills have certainly improved! Well done!

RaptorRed79's avatar

Wow that's quiet the improvement. The detail in the armor is impressive, tho i personally miss the green markings on the chest piece and shoulder pad. The necklace, belt pouches, and dagger are very nice additions, with plenty of detail to them. And I love the swords! The pummel, hilt,and grips are awesome, and the edging of the blades makes them looks very sharp.

Shardanic's avatar

Thanks! Yeah, I played around with the markings being on the armor but it got a little overwrought with the texture of the chest piece. I ended up liking the texture more than the design, so here we are ;)

KingOfCopper16's avatar

oh my god, that is the cutest one you'd drawn yet! just, hotdamn

I think this is one of my favorite art pieces from you in a while. The eye colour, the tattoos, they're all great.

Just wished her arms were just a bit more beefy.

Shardanic's avatar

Thanks! Yeah, she is more of an agile type character. So less beef ;)

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