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Cajun Cowgirl

Cajun Cowgirl.

Ça c’est bon!
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I like her. Help her shoot up some bad guys, make hot love to her, share a nice cigar in bed afterwards.

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This looks a lot like the girl in the red dead online picture from a few years back. Same girl perhaps?

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Nice, great and fantastic!

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Mississipi Queen.

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My lord. She’s beautiful! And looks Badass! More of her please!

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That is a cool concept.

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Pardon the pun, but she really is smokin'! Great work as always.

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No style like Cajun style! :love:

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Louisianan, here, and I approve 👍

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Fell in love with this too!

I'm writing a Cowgirl character myself and this upped my spirits! XD

She's beautiful and feminine!

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Insta-fav, the design's beautifull, the open cleavage is alluring yet that expression is a nice mix of confidence & "i dare ya" that just gives the image itself plenty of personality, nicely done! :D

What great detail - and no way am I calling her out for a fast draw !

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She looks awesomely beautiful! ❤️😉

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really cool!!

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