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Wha? by ShardAerliss Wha? :iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 0 0
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Control Ch4: Deception :iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 1 17
Shera's Gift For Cid
"So..." Yuffie whistled, her eyes following a trail of paper chains across the ceiling. "Where's the birthday boy."
Shera sighed, placing the final platter of party food onto the table. All of Cid's friends were here, and he was out in the garden, being grumpy and pottering around with an engine. Even Vincent had managed to turn up, and no one had heard from him in three months.
"You know what he's like," she smiled at the gathering. "He'd forget to eat if I just left him out there tinkering."
"You think he'd remember his own birthday party!" Yuffie pouted, stamping her foot as petulantly as though she were still a child. The big blue ribbon on top of the brightly papered box in her arms giggled up and down. "It is his big four oh."
"Yes," Shera offered. "I'll... fetch him."
It was a bright, crisp day. Shera could see a wisp of condensed air sprouting from behind a massive engine as Cid grumbled to himself. She called his name as she approached, so as not to startle him too much.
:iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 1 2
Post Reset
The world is a painful place since the big reset. Time was stopped, was shook and reversed by the the powers on high. We were all reduced to mewling shoats again. Now time is measured not from the birth of a mythical saviour, but from the very moment of the dashing of all that we had built upon the rocks.
Post Reset, they call our time.
It did not hurt the young ones, the new ones, not at first anyway. "What harm has it done us?" they asked. "We have lost nothing. You're all just like us now, equality for everyone."
The older ones may have lost their status, the long lists of tools they had wreaked havoc on the world with, but they retained their skill, their knowledge. Now they want that status back... the world is their minefield, the shoat shall have no mercy for the shoat does not fight back. Even our homes, especially our homes, are not safe. Best not sleep without a full set of armour, best tread carefully as you cross your own threshold.
My home is not worth much. It's no
:iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 0 0
Mature content
Suffering :iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 2 6
Demon Dog by ShardAerliss Demon Dog :iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 0 4
Extreme Mary Sue, Vincent Ch1
Shard Aerliss sat on her sofa in her blue pyjamas, laptop balanced between her thighs, her fingers idly playing with her jade and ruby necklace, the last gift her partner had given her after his last trip to some far off island int he pacific. Her other hand darted toward a small glass of absinthe, writers drink of choice. She wrinkled her nose and shuddered as the anise flavoured drink touched her lips.
"Ah, I love it when I can feel it melting my eardrums," she chortled to herself, then tapped out her words into the messenger text box.
"lol" she received in response, from someone calling themselves Aeriths_Valentine. "Freak."
"Pft, love you too. Anyway, about this RP. I get Vincent, right?"
"Well nuh."
Shard grinned; she always got Vincent Valentine, the brooding, mysterious ex-Turk.
"Right," she tapped out. "Well I'll join tomorrow... it's now 6am!"
"You don't have work or anything *pout*"
"No... but it's 3 in the frikkin' mornin'!"
"lol Alright, alright... go get your beauty sleep.
:iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 3 13
Mature content
Doves Over Rainbows Ch3 :iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 1 0
Doves Over Rainbows Ch2
Doves Over Rainbows, Chapter 2: Power
The match was over; the school's team had won this friendly match. Wren put down his book, had closed his eyes and laid back on the warm, dry grass as he listened to the small crowd as the game was played out. The teams had left the pitch, the crowd had dispersed; it was time for Wren to go home.
He could probably cut through the main school building; no one would be about now, only the cleaners and the odd teacher marking homework. No one would mind if he went through the building instead of all the way round it. Even if he met the teachers he should have had lessons with he could claim he had felt ill. No one really questioned it; it was just accepted that sometimes Wren Warrick needed some time to himself. His parents would not even have been informed; the school could never get hold of them during the working day. Wren could barely get hold of them when they were at home
Wren was approaching the locker rooms; people were still milling ar
:iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 1 0
Doves Over Rainbows Ch1
Doves Over Rainbows, Chapter 1: Hate
Wren Warrick stared up at the hazel eyes that were leering a little too close to his face. Ardelo, the owner of those bright eyes, slammed his fist on the table again, making Wren's book bounce.
"You gonna move out of my seat?"
Wren sighed; Michael Ardelo seemed to get a perverse pleasure out of finding ways to embarrass and terrorise him. Wren always took it with a stoic silence. There was no point fighting, no point returning any of the childish jibes; it only made people like Ardelo and his little groupies worse.
He closed his book and stood up, pushing the cheap brown plastic chair away from the table. They were in the canteen of their private, and somewhat prestigious, school and it was like feeding time at the zoo; noisy and smelly, globules of supposed food occasionally flying through the air.
"Oi!" Ardelo caught his tie, holding him fast. Wren felt a flicker in his stomach, like butterflies. "You left your dirty finger prints all over
:iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 2 0
Cherry Blossom
Vincent leaned against the rough tree trunk of the cherry tree, watching the meadow below ripple at the hands of a light breeze. Autumn was drew near; the days grew shorter, the air a little more chill. The light and warmth of the summer was dying, giving way to cold darkness.
Vincent's heart was following it.
He had been assigned the task of safeguarding the brilliant young scientist, Dr. Lucrecia Crescent at the ShinRa Mansion in Nibelheim. It should have been a boring, mundane mission, even in the wake of the troubles on the Western Continent. Little to do, surrounded by scientist and technicians. He was a virtual gun for hire, she was a research scientist. They should not have fallen in love.
She was beautiful, vibrant. A smile ever brightening her sweet face. She spoke to him like a human being, not just a body at the end of a gun. They talked endlessly, or simply sat quietly in each other's company, beneath this very tree.
But Hojo, how could he compete? Vincent could only watch,
:iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 3 0
A Gift for Cid
Vincent watched the waters rippling on the shore in the cold morning sunlight. They splashed against the crumbling ruins of what had been Junon Cannon. Dolphins played among the coral, chattering as they leapt over the surf. Vincent was early; he was waiting for his friends. They were meeting him in Junon before continuing on together to the Western Continent and Rocket Town.
"So," a cheerful voice called from behind him. "Watchya get for Cid?"
"Get?" Vincent asked the young ninja as she bounced down the steps to the beach.
"Yeah, you know, for his birthday."
"Wha?!" she stomped her feet on the rock Vincent was lazing on as she shoved his shoulder. "Nothing?! You have to get him something! It's his birthday!"
Yes, Vincent thought. He should probably buy a gift. It had not really crossed his mind before; he had not celebrated a birthday, his own or anyones, in a long time. Now he thought about again it; gifts were traditional.
"What do you suggest?" he asked, standing up. Yuf
:iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 9 9
Mature content
Control Ch3: Collapse :iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 4 5
Mature content
Control Ch2: Fear :iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 3 0
Mature content
Control Ch1 :iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 28 19
Mature content
Life Ever After? 10 Destroyed :iconshardaerliss:ShardAerliss 3 12

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