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(CLOSED) Shard x Nicole End of Summer Contest!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 12, 2017, 10:10 PM

****Welp, that's a wrap folks! Time to start judging! :D

With any luck, the results should be up in 1-2 weeks. Hang tight!****


Sunday, October 29th


Nicole Pixel by GalaxyniteWelcome everyone, to the second annual Shard x Nicole summer contest!Shard Pixel by Galaxynite
I know it's off to a late start, but in a way, I almost feel it's better like this. Go out and finish summer off with a bang! 

Day4: Nothing I'd Rather Be Doing by GalaxyniteThis year, we have a bit more of a prominent theme than last year.  This year, we want you to Tell Us a Story of Hope

In light of the comics recently ending, and thus, the possibility of never seeing Nicole as we know her again, and Shard being removed post-Reboot, we want you to capture the essence of these two characters and their relationship together using the comic's legacy as a guide. Your piece can be themed however you like and can be summer themed, but the bigger theme we'd like you to think about with your entry is telling a story of hope, to capture what made them - and the comics- special. 

Bullet; Green  Please feel free to be creative with your theme! The only limit is your imagination- we want it to mean something to you!

  Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku  Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku


1: The focus of this contest is Shard and Nicole, and thus, this couple must be the primary theme and pairing in everyone’s entry in order to qualify for prizes.

2: You are welcome to draw other characters in the picture, either fan characters or other official characters, but Shard and Nicole should be the main focus!

3: Both visual art and written content are accepted!   Written works should be at least 1000 words in order to qualify. Comics are also perfectly acceptable!

4.You can choose any theme you like as long as it relates to overall theme- HOPE- in some way! Have fun with it and feel free to be creative! 

5.: Recolored or stolen art is not allowed and will not be eligible for prizes.  We also discourage the use of bases- we want to see YOUR hard work! 

6: Please keep all entries age-appropriate.  Mature, hate, or fetish related artwork will not be eligible for prizes.

7: You ARE welcome to draw as many entries as you would like, but only one will be eligible to win! 

Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku  Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku  Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku
Here are some custom references you are welcome to use if you find yourself struggling with portions of Shard and/or Nicole's designs

(Customized) Nicole Reference by Galaxynite (Customized)Shard Reference by Galaxynite

I've also put together an extensive playlist of music for these two, so if you're someone who is inspired by music, be sure to check here! I'm sure there is something that will catch your interest!…

Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku  Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku 

To help me in my final judging and decisions, my judging team will consist of

:iconwhimsical-wings: :iconlightningwolf913: :iconvioletthefox0001: :iconames-upside-down: 

Scoring system:

Star! Originality: This will be a measure of how your entry compares to other participants.  Things such as your style and the perspective on your picture will impact this score.

Star! Effort: This will be based on the quality of your image and how much time you evidently spent working on it.  Things such as line quality, coloring and shading quality will all impact this score.

Star! Theme: This will be a measure of the theme and tone to your picture and how well you portray it with the characters. 

Star! Technique: This will be based on your usage of lines, colors, shading, and backgrounding all combined into one. 

Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku  Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku  Dashes Divider by UsagiPinku


1st Trophy First Place1st Trophy 

-2000 Points

-1 Full shaded, backgrounded picture(up to 2 characters) from :icongalaxynite:

Example:  BANGARANG by Galaxynite A Peaceful City by Galaxynite

-1 Shaded with simple background from :icongalaxynite:

Example: Overclocked Nicole by Galaxynite Undersea Embers by Galaxynite

-1 Shaded half body from :iconvioletthefox0001:

-1 Shaded half body painting from :iconwhimsical-wings:
Example:  Sick Beats by Whimsical-Wings

-1 100x100 icon from :iconmymelodyoftheheart:
Example: Contest Prize-Chibi Blinks Animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart

2nd Trophy Second Place2nd Trophy 

- 1500 Points

-1 Shaded with simple background (one character) from :icongalaxynite:
Example: (Prize) Amy by Galaxynite (AT) Let it Snow! by Galaxynite

- 1 Shaded with no background(white or transparency) (one character) from :icongalaxynite:
Example: Power Gem and the Hologram by Galaxynite Made of Constellations by Galaxynite

-1 Flat color half body from :iconvioletthefox0001:
Example: Strawberry by Violetthefox0001

-1 Colored half body sketch from :iconwhimsical-wings:
Example:  .:Contest PE:. Synth by Whimsical-Wings

-1 100x100 icon from :iconmymelodyoftheheart:
Example: Contest Prize-Chibi Blinks Animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart

 Third Place 

3rd Trophy- 1000 Points3rd Trophy 

- 1 Shaded with no background(white or transparency) from :icongalaxynite:
Example:  Power Gem and the Hologram by Galaxynite Made of Constellations by Galaxynite

-1 Shaded sketch from :iconvioletthefox0001:
Example:  Commish~ Lumi by Violetthefox0001

-1 100x100 icon from :iconmymelodyoftheheart:
Example:  Contest Prize-Chibi Blinks Animation by MyMelodyOfTheHeart

**Prizes may be improved/ added if we get enough entries!**

How do I enter?

It is very easy to enter! Simply:
- Leave a comment below and include the password "Spark of Life" to signify that you have read the rules.  You can also leave a comment after your entry is completed and add a link with your entry attached.
-Please use the hashtag #ShardxNicoleSummerContest to tag your entry so that I can keep track of them!
-(OPTIONAL) Make a journal entry promoting this contest and leave the link to it below as well!
And TADA! You're successfully entered! 



Bouncy Pixel- Shard x Nicole by Galaxynite



Sharcole by xhazelsky123x  [CONTEST ENTRY] Welcome Back by RakkiAnkh  CE: Fading, yet still existing by TrueColors612 Hello Again... (Contest Entry) by Burningstarlight17
CE: -Is this for real..? by FinikArt Contest entry: Technical paradise by Shadxester CE ShardxNicole by blissfulangel1994 CE: Shard and Nicole - Stargazing by LAguns89 Meadow Marriage Proposal by jessicaarchambault

(Contest entry) Welcome back. by trashcanqueen58      Shardicole Contest Entry by LumiVee  By the campfire by SilhouetteRobotnik  CE:  I'll tell you all about it... by soulalchemist002 :CE: A bike ride by Saku-knux I hope, that one day... by leifii ShardxNicoleSummerContest by SpelloftheDead  CE Digital Love by 7marichan7 Nicole and Shard pink colored by dth1971<da:thumb id="712191711"/> Hoping For Us To Live by shu-muki Contest by Leshine


Shard and Nicole - Memory pt1 (Contest Entry) by Chauvels  Shard and Nicole - Memory pt2 (Contest Entry) by Chauvels  Shard and Nicole - Memory pt4 (Contest Entry) by Chauvels Shard and Nicole: Memory pt5 (Contest Entry) by Chauvels Shard and Nicole: Memory Pt6 (Contest Entry) by Chauvels

Shard and Nicole: Memory Pt7 (Contest Entry) by Chauvels   Reach for the Stars, a Shardcole comic by BohemianLizardKing   CE: Through the seasons by BristleTip


Forging A New Generation by grimdragon2001



You Will Be Found [Shardcole Contest Entry]“S-something’s wrong…!”
The words flew from her mouth and throughout every inch of circuitry, a flurry of chaotic statements  and unexecutable commands.  Her body blazed with energy that only moments earlier had granted her the aid she so desperately needed.  Currently, however, it had more than exhausted its usefulness and transformed into something else entirely. Pain was not a concept she could easily comprehend and yet she was almost certain this matched the definition of the word.
She cried out in protest as the electricity suddenly surged through her systems, wreaking havoc on valuable code.  It was all she could do to keep the programs relatively intact, knowing full well that her friends’ lives depended on their functionality.  Every ounce of concentration was spent rapidly salvaging files in the hopes it would be just enough to keep the ship airborne.  
And then came the glitch.  Defect. Anomaly.
If she h

Contest Entry- Love is a Bucket of Bolts"I can't believe it. I can't believe I'm getting married before you... I feel guilty." The lynx started playing with her dress as her best friend helped neaten it up and her other friend worked on her hair. The lynx insisted she wanted to make her look naturally, organically and non-virtual.
"Why?" Sally asked giggling. "This is your moment, Nicole. Just because you aren't organic doesn't make you any less of a person. You have as much of a right to happiness as Bunnie and I." Nicole gave her an appreciated smile, though doubt twinkled in her eyes.
"Sally's right, Sugah. Don't worry about Sallygirl. Worry about you! Today's your day, Sugah." Bunnie told the worried lynx as she carefully braided her hair and stuck in little decorations.
Nicole felt tears come to her eyes. "You guys are wonderful... I just..."
"Hey, hey! Save those tears for him, okay?" Sally said, standing up and wiping Nicole’s tears away.
"Thanks, guys, you're the best..."
“And you’re programed… )by :icongearjfoxx:

Some simple guidelines on what the prize makers will and will not draw:
Will draw:
- Sonic, both fan characters and official characters
-Humans (or humanoids)

Will not draw:
- Anything NSFW
- Extreme Gore
-Yaoi/yuri material
-Hate/ inappropriate/ fetish art

If you'd like frequent updates, feel free to check in on my group here! All changes and updates to the contest will be listed here~
ShardPixel by Galaxynite:iconshard-x-nicole:NicolePixel by Galaxynite

More Journal Entries

General Information


Please be aware of the rules before submitting artwork to the galleries and participating in our group!
:bulletgreen: Please, be kind! We want everyone to feel welcome here!

:bulletpurple: Please respect one another! We want this group to have a friendly and open atmosphere! If someone disagrees with the pairing this group, or you, support, it's simply important to respect their opinion. Ship wars are silly!

:bulletgreen: We WILL accept artwork of other characters! If you wish to submit work that does not include either Shard or Nicole, it can be placed in the 'other characters' folder!

:bulletpurple:While we accept other character art, and thus other ship art related to other character, other pairings with Shard and Nicole (Shard x Amy, Nicole x Tails, etc) will not be accepted as this is not the group to submit those to. We do not do this to evoke ship wars or disagreements, but to keep the group focused. Platonic friendship art is perfectly acceptable.

:bulletgreen: If artwork is labeled as mature, the admins will review and decide on if it will be admitted. We want this group to be friendly to all ages!

:bulletpurple: We WILL NOT accept stolen work or recolors of work that is not your own. Bases are perfectly fine, though! But please do credit the original base artist!

:bulletgreen: Please do not submit fetish pictures, hate art, or other offensive material. It WILL NOT be admitted. Again, we want this group to be friendly for all!

Thank you, and we hope you will join us in our journey to making this couple more well-known!
:iconheartpurpleplz::iconshardmetalsonicplz: :iconnicole-plz::iconheartdarkgreenplz:

Want to show your support?
Use these stamps and buttons!

Shard x Nicole Stamp by anastasiathefox1 I support NicoleShard by Chili-DogLove

Shard and Nicole stamp by Missesamy930 Shard x Nicole Stamp by Pegasister28

Shard x Nicole Stamp (Request) by RoseOfTheNight4444 Shardcole Stamp :1: by Whimsical-Wings

Shardcole Stamp :2: by Whimsical-Wings Shardcole Stamp :3: by Whimsical-Wings

Shardcole Stamp :4: by Whimsical-Wings Shardcole Stamp :5: by Whimsical-Wings

Shardicole Fan (Request) by RoseOfTheNight4444

Shardcole Stamp :6: by Whimsical-Wings Shard x Nicole Stamp by Alice-Hedgeh

Nicole stamp by William-David-Afton Nicole by DryBones157

Shard stamp by William-David-Afton Shard Stamp by light--gaia

Shard Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Flat-ish chibi: Nicole x Shard by Delphianada

Group Info

This group revolves around Shard the Metal Sonic and Nicole the Lynx. They really don't as much love as they should, and hopefully this group will change that!

Of course the main focus of this group is to support and share ShardxNicole, but that is not our only goal here! Our goal is also to unite fans of Shard and Nicole alike to ensure that they get the love they deserve, both as a couple and as individual characters!

:iconheartpurpleplz::iconshardmetalsonicplz: :iconnicole-plz::iconheartdarkgreenplz:
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