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I'm getting a bit bored with "Doctor Who," the Riddler, and WallEva. I should really start posting some things from the "Ghostbusters Japan" project I've been working on...right now it's nothing more than a possible RPG expansion pack, but I'd like to flesh it out a bit and start churning out some stories.

You can tell I love Japanese culture...

Anyway, GB.JP is sort of an affectionate parody of Super Sentai, more specifically "Denji Sentai Megaranger" (better known stateside as "Power Rangers in Space"). Currently, the idea concerns a crackpot scientist (Dr. Kubota by any other name) who researches ghosts and has gained the scorn of his fellow scientists at the research facility where he works. Actually, it's not so much his research--it's the fact that he recently used the facility's money to buy a Ghostbusters franchise for part of Japan (I want to say Tokyo, but am not sure yet--too stereotypical?).

He puts out a "help wanted" ad for some student aides. And then the ghosts start coming in...Yes, it's all a bit "Extreme Ghostbusters," but a little less edgy--that show's humor seemed a bit forced, and I'd like the humor to flow more naturally from the characters and situations.

I think they start out with the Aykroyd/Ramis-style of equipment, but as they start making money they graduate to something a little more in line with James Dyson's vacuum cleaners. I have a few rough sketches of these, but am still refining the design. (It's based on the Dyson DC12, which is very popular in Japan.)

I also want to introduce Mr. Toji Suzuhara (Neon Genesis Evangelion--Angelic Days continuity) into the fold as the Winston Zeddemore archetype. His story is, he and Hikari just got married and he's been trying to find work. He's just desperate enough to strap a thermonuclear accelerator to his back and switch it on.

Oh, and: I've designed attachments based on the weapons from "Zyuranger": The Black Ranger's power-axe is now the Dark Matter Generator (Stasis Stream) and the Yellow Ranger's daggers are the Meson Collider and Overload Pulse. The idea is, this has become standard Ghostbusting equipment by now.