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Lineart for the Malebolgia. If you wish, you can add extra parts such as Clippard valves and things you might find on the bottom of a pinball table.

Designed and built for a reality show in which the Japan Ghostbusters would spend a week on the ghost-infested Battleship Island, the Malebolgia is Tetsuo’s pride and joy. It carries all of the regular Proton Pack’s features, but it’s ten times more powerful. This power makes it impressive but ultimately useless in regular busts—it’s reserved exclusively for mass haunting and Gozer-level events.

The pack itself has a much higher heat-resistance level, which means that it doesn’t need to be vented as much as the regular ones.


PROTON PACK: The primary staple of the Ghostbusters’ arsenal. The Malebolgia fires the equivalent of five proton streams wrapped tightly around each other, but these can be separated into a star pattern. Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to reduce the Proton Pack’s recoil, which makes Tetsuo something of a sitting duck when he’s firing. A heavily armed sitting duck, but a sitting duck nonetheless.

--> BOSON DARTS: The Malebolgia can fire a whopping seven Boson Darts before triggering shutdown, compared to the normal pack’s three.

-----> BOSON CHAIN: Equipping the Malebolgia’s minigun-like wand with a modified laser sight allows Tetsuo to lock onto up to seven ghosts. Locking on also charges the Pack’s boson array; releasing the trigger unleashes up to seven “smart” Boson Darts, which follow and hit their targets.

DARK MATTER GENERATOR/SHOCK BLAST: As above, same as the regular Pack’s, but more powerful.

--> SHOCK BLAST TSUNAMI: Overcharging the Shock Blaster results in a horizontally-aligned “wave” that clears house real fast.

SLIME BLOWER/SLIME MINES: Like the regular Pack’s, the Slime Blower has adjustable pressure and flow; at its highest setting, the Slime Blower is like a fire hose. Its energy-saturation rate is also adjustable; as with pressure and flow, using it at the highest setting is not recommended unless the circumstances call for it. (The higher the saturation, the higher the self-replication—this can, if left unchecked, rupture the wand’s slime tank.)

--> SLIME MACHINE GUN: The Slime Blower’s third setting allows Tetsuo to shoot small, highly-compact “rounds” of medium-density ectoplasm. The impact of these denser rounds deals higher damage to most entities, but carry the impact of ordinary lead bullets, so it shouldn’t be used on possessed humans. At all.

-----> FLAME THROWER: Tetsuo improvised this one by swapping out the slime tank for a propane tank. Tests with liquid pyroplasm are currently underway, but he’ll settle for the less-exotic propane until the experiments and modifications prove successful.

SUPER-SLAMMER MUON TRAP: The wand-mounted Super Slammer muon trap has a lower capacity than the ECTO JP-1’s, but its twenty-four ghost limit is still impressive compared to a normal trap’s six. Pressing the thumb-switch on the wand’s trigger opens the trap and activates the Proximity Beam.

--> CHAINSAW: Prof. Kubota built a special mechanism that connects to the trap’s power couplings; Tetsuo saw fit to attach a chainsaw head onto this mechanism. A Proton Buzzsaw is currently underway.


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