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Korra (Gif)

Korra by sharandula
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DefyingGravityAgain's avatar
I like it ! it is Korra; perhaps in more sunlight.
Chenks-R's avatar
A little bit too white.
laurajessamine's avatar
wait... whaaat. this isn't korra, lol. i don't know what reference you used exactly but the only similarity they have seems to be.. hair length? tbh this looks more like max from life is strange, which is what i thought when i clicked it. give her some new clothes and she could be just that! xD
ClassyCherry's avatar
I actually still see the original skin tone, I don't see a huge issue here
JupiterGrace's avatar
Seriously I'm in love with your works ^0^ salute (by the way I envy your talent XD)
A-Porto's avatar
Fuck you sjws, The painting is awesome and none of you will ever draw anywhere as well as Sharandula!
ErinTenshi's avatar
At first I was wondering who this was supposed to be, then I realized that the aesthetic looked familiar and was like "AH Korra!". Now I'm wondering why she's pale lol
ShiroEsuna's avatar
I find it a bit rude that so many people are
getting so mad for her having a pale complexion 
in this drawing. Sometimes darker skin tones are 
tricky to draw. And besides, each artist is entitled to their
own interpenetration of the character.

This is beautiful art regardless.
irenedelmar's avatar
Wow, great whitewashing. *rolls eyes*
ElizabethFri's avatar
I find this really amazing! You did such an impressive job!! Keep up the great work!! :D
AlexTamayo's avatar
I was googling Korra and I saw this painting and I thought "that's not Korra", but I clicked because I was curious. Just to find another "accidentally" whitewashed Korra. I've been painting my whole life and I still don't understand how some people can "accidentally" whitewash a character, that makes absolutely no sense to me. I guess western Europeans can also say that they "accidentally" enslaved black African people too. Besides she looks too slim to be Korra.

In conclusion, definitively not Korra.

Accidentally, ha!
sharandula's avatar
Of course NO! I totally did it on purpose! I just wanted to make people angry. I love to do nasty things.)))
zkoyllar's avatar
ha ha ha ha, great! But you know what? You failed, because this is one the most beautiful drawings (or digital paint in this case) that I've ever seen. Congratulations on your skills, and thank you so much for sharing the process with us, I'm learning a lot just by watching it. 
One last comment, I think her skin colour is perfect. 
sharandula's avatar
Thank you very much)
AlexTamayo's avatar
Ha! I see you have a good sense of humour. Or was that accidental too? :P
AlexTamayo's avatar
So, I was just checking some of the artist's work (which is gorgeous, by the way) and saw Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodríguez with the correct skin colour/tone. So she can definitively paint darker skin [than white] well. Accidentally, right; and I'm Brad Pitt.
plippu's avatar
dat whitewash
SharaHeart's avatar
beautiful drawing but...Korras not white..
Kaijiiro's avatar
It looks awesome! :D

Though she reminds me of Maggie from Walking Dead XD
mcdubbz's avatar
this is amazing. and makes me wish I still had short hair. :')
abigailma's avatar
How do you do the lightening in the back? Love this one as well!
Auteel's avatar
Thank you! These help a lot.
Kyra2286's avatar
Not what I imagine a realistic Korra to look like, but still gorgeous.  The lighting in the back is really cool. :D
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