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Korra (Gif) by sharandula
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Ahh the triggered sjws. gotta love it.
beautiful work.
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look at that use of color and light! :D
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This is absolutely beautiful, I can’t really say I view her as Korra because Korra is not feminine and is Inuit; not white, but it’s still beautiful art.
MrEdison's avatar
This is a lovely painting. I love the rim lighting. I've been seeing this picture floating around on the internet for a while previously, but I honestly thought it was Elizabeth from Bioshock.
FantabulousSenpai's avatar
If you listen really, reaaaally carefully you can hear the distinct screeches emitting from triggered SJWs.

looks like that autism of yours is kicking up again
FantabulousSenpai's avatar
Looks like that ableism of yours is doing the same.
Looks like you need a name change.

FabulouslyAutistic is appropriate.
FantabulousSenpai's avatar
If it doesn't offend anyone, I may consider it. Thank you so much for the suggestion. ❤
Using "triggered" as a joke makes fun of people with PTSD, you nitwit. 
FantabulousSenpai's avatar
Using "bankrupt" as a username makes fun of people who are bankrupt, you nitwit.
No prob fam, happy to help a kid out.
Suicunesrider's avatar
i came here for Korra, but..... all I see is some random white girl?
hayleymills's avatar
Are you serious right now? "The closest real ethnicity to her own is Inuit"..... no, honey. The water tribe are literally the Avatar world's equivalent of Inuit. Ask ANY of the creators, writers, or directors on the show. They will tell you: Inuit. No "closest thing" side-stepping. Just Inuit, pure and simple. So obviously she should have darker skin than this. Also, I shouldn't even need to explain this to you, because you can SEE the colour of her skin when you watch the bloody show..... And it is nothing like this picture......

"Her facial features and hair resemble european"... no? they don't? have you even watched the show?

"the skintone latin american/african america". where the hell did you pull THAT from, dude?

"stop projecting your own race onto her. You can admire her without her having to be the same race as you are." honey, I'm not inuit, and i've seen TONS of people-- black, white, inuit, latinx, indian, chinese, japanese, polynesian, etc.... say that it is important that we respect Korra has darker skin. Not because of some selfish motivator, but because they are sensible people, who care about doing the right thing.

Why does this matter?

Because media is so obsessed with preferring light skin over dark skin, that it sends a harmful message to darker skinned people. The least we can do is NOT show those people that we'd rather draw actual dark characters as light skinned, because that would rub in the harmful messages in even deeper.
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lmao anyway.
ZaynMalikLover21's avatar
She reminds Me of Scarlett Johanssen who plays the Black Widow
KittyFox99's avatar
I love the focus in the eyes and the movement of the hair. Gorgeous!! xx
janeypotatoes413's avatar
Are you kidding me? This is NOT Korra. Korra is a beautiful dark skinned woman, she doesn't have white skin, red hair and rosey lips. She has brown skin and dark hair.
Also, Korra is a WARRIOR. She has been fighting her entire life. She doesn't have perfect skin and blush and a delicate figure. She doesn't have perfect eyebrows and hair and eyelashes.
Korra is muscular. She's a fighter and a powerful bender. She doesn't have the looks of some white hollywood actress.
GoldElemant's avatar
u know what u r me fave drawer eva gg u won me love 4 ur drawing
shiny-kiyoko's avatar
wow so amazing..... like in real should look like korra !!!!
i love her short hair ad the earth dress
DSKVE's avatar
SilverMuttt's avatar
I can't believe people can DRAW like this!
She's kinda looks like Elizabeth from Bioshock. Still it's an amazing drawing.
fictionalfact's avatar
I looked at her, thought of Korra, then saw the title. I can really see her determination in this.
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