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We'll keep you warm, boy

Listen, boy by Sharaiza

Aaand I guess the boy was raised by the white she-wolf after all?
The pup is the grey fella from before not the black one xD

I swear this my favorite drawing EVER. Like. Woah.
I was the one who did this!? Me?? *congratulates herself*

Yes.... I love this piece and I might be mental but my favorite part is the boy's right leg... LOL
Omg I wanna cry xD

No refs btw

You may NOT copy, sell, heavily reference, trace, steal, put this artwork on your website/blog/dAaccount or use it in any other way without my written permission!



Art©Federica M. Marchi aka Sharaiza 
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© 2017 - 2021 Sharaiza
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It looks like the Jungle Book. Good work! Love the black pup.

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Wonderful and heartwarming.

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I love it kind wolf~ ^~^
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It's so cute and the realistic render so amazing! ♥

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Honestly love this! Reminds me of the novel I read as a kid Dog Boy. So much talent in this piece though

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She had seen him with his pack.
Seen what happened at the hairless paws of his sire... turned her blood cold. An Alpha female she had pups of her own...
So she had to act.
She approached the boy in the dead of night.
He was out of his wooden cave, his hairless skin unprotected from the night's cold.
Doing...some menial task for his ruthless sire. 
When he saw her the pup didn't run, he didn't make a sound. She could smell no fear in him, not of her anyway. 
She nuzzled his face and he stroked her neck.
She guided him back with her, taking care, great care to leave no trace of their path behind them.
He fell asleep with his arms around her, lying with her pups, right in the heart of her cave.
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This is beautiful, makes me think of my OC Bee.
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great work,so cute
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oh my god i love this. it looks so cozy and sweet :')
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This is so beautiful, before i read the whole description i imagined that the boy was lost and alone and these two wolves were there to keep him warm and safe
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Bellssimo! E' un personaggio di una storia che stai inventando? La la la la Heart 
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Si, purtroppo è ancora tutta da strutturare e illustrare... Quando avrò più tempo...
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Non vedo l'ora! :la: :heart:
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Hey this is amazing. I just want to let you know, this inspired my novel "Throne of the White Wolf". Hope its alright but I have this pinned on my pintrest board,  I have to say without this picture I wouldn't have even had the inspiration for my novel so thank you.
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Wow that look’s like jungle book
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OMG! How can you draw like this? It's amazing! :happybounce: La la la la 
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Davvero fantastico, è così soft ✨ Complimenti davvero lo adoro
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I hope that's a male wolf
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