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February 1, 2009
World's First Lens Calendar by *sharadhaksar. Carved out of a block of aluminum and made to look like a real lens, this is a calendar that will be available soon on the artist's website and he has even applied for a patent on this brilliant design. The suggester wrote, "This craft, a wonderful combination of a camera lens and calendar, took *sharadhaksar 4 months to develop. He captured the real look and feel of the lens and added such a neat, inventive, and original concept to create it! Just one quick look in its direction will leave you thinking it's a lens, but upon closer inspection, a wonderful surprise ensues!" You'll definitely want to see this one in full-view. Also suggested by $micahgoulart.
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World's First Lens Calendar



This took me 4 months to develop.
After that each lens takes 15 days to make.

This is made from a block of aluminum which initially weighed 18 kilos.

Manual lens

Hope you like it :)

Cost: US$2000/- including shipping charges

Design Patent Pending, application no. 220941
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A unique combination of talent, creativity and cold calculations! Respekt! :)