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My Home

My living room designed by me
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That light fixture is on point.
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that is amazing! love it so much!
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My perfect home I'll see all the little creeper bugs!
I'd love to have this living room... I'm gonna have it one day !!
Camille25's avatar
so beautiful, from the future :)
RosieRampage's avatar
everythings so.....WHITE/off-white/eggshell/baishe(i think i spelt that wrong) or whatever color(s) it is! But still nice house man :)
Thec2tagj's avatar
ur rich color sense reflects from this.
according to me u made ur drawing room full white as to get total peace at home?
simply owesome.
lfg2000's avatar
what a fresh, clean and cozy environment :deviation: Wonderful living room, I want to change the style of mine.... Wonderful!
clean, bright and transparent, just what i like. the only thing that doesnt fit its the door :P too traditional imho :P
Helvede's avatar
I like it but it's too white! Cold...
Emiiror's avatar
That is a jaw-dropping, amasing looking living room. Very white too ;)

femmi7's avatar
amazing pic.. it is my fav
LostInDreamworld's avatar
that is never a photoghraphy :D

It looks really just to perfekt!

sharadhaksar's avatar
it is a photograph :)
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Waaah It's real?! It's so amazing!!
qchiapetp's avatar
wow your home is amazing :wow:
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sharadhaksar's avatar
no just photography
omurakinci's avatar
ohh :) There are very good, such as drawing a house..
firedanceryote's avatar
That much white would make me crazy trying to keep it clean, but it's a very cool design. Just not... functional? Least not when you are a cook and paint artist with a lot of animals
beautyhidden's avatar
It's very edgy and futuristic. (That's how I see it).
Nice work.
lubna64's avatar
so relaxing... ok.... but...where's all the mess?
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Wish it was mine! ;) But I would have higher ceilings and get rid of that ugly A/C unit. :P
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