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By sharadhaksar
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Dining room designed by me :)
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This is so beautiful!
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Wow, genious
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Really nice, I saw your living room, too :) Just one question - don't you ever get tired of the white?
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Sorry but I really don't believe that thats a photo I thing you planned it in 3D and your rooms look like that but thats never a photo or did you made anything with photoshop in there?
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very pretty! it reminds me of apple stores.
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That's really great. A cult of mac style.
I would like to see your studio + home office. Please
Very nice concept with the rooms, does this run throughout the house?
Can I ask where you got the light fixture over the mirror. It's fantastic
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i had bought it when I was in Singapore :)
i really like that light, anyway again, lovely
thanks for reply :)
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Sunglasses required indoors! :D

The furniture is perfect. Not so much the doors.
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it's beautiful, but i could never live in something that white!
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Ugh my dream room D:
I love nice clean room designs like this, or either bright flashy ones. No in between for me :D
Really nice job, I especially like the floors and lighting!
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its too white... how do you keep the dirt out
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I love the furniture designs you just posted. They're very clean and bright.

I'd be afraid to have such a pristine home with my two daughters and dog running around... it wouldn't stay like this very long :)
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so pure... looks like digital :D
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So much light and white! I like it! :)
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