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Brand Irony 2 - Dry Handpump

dry handpump.
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I love the bold colors in this picture. The composition is nicely balanced.
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Is it right that you are against this campaign? I hate the Coca Cola. Take away the clean water to the people. They pollute the clean water!
Great idea! If I understood the message!! ;)
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فل عليك جميل اووي؟
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I was once told the story that due to Coca-Cola's use of water at its Indian factories, the ground water table sank and wells were left dry. I assume that's what your photo refers to?
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the country of vibrant colours
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Wonderful!!! Amazing colours and a statement and message I'm all for.
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barbarism imperialist.......
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Humph - very good, in an "ouch" sort of way. Like the great quote from the movie The Coca-Cola Kid: "The world will never be truly free until Coca-Cola is available everywhere". As if it wasn't already...
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I LOVE IT! I've found your work inspirational and you'll be glad to hear this photo has helped me not buy or drink Coca-Cola for over 4 years:) Well done!
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You define photography, amazing gallery.

I really like this piece (just like the "just do it"), especially the thoughts behind it.
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The things you see in life. I adore how contradictory some of your photos are. They are just too cool.
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I love this photo. I started a "campaign againt Killer Coke" at my school, and this photo was a very helpful illustration.

thanks for the inspiration
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