GoZ integration between Blender and ZBrush

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:bulletorange:I just downloaded GoB wiki.blender.org/index.php/Ext… - the script that allows pretty much a seamless integration between Zbrush and Blender - and it is pretty damn cool!
Switching back and forth between the two programs makes life so much easier as there are some things that are nicer to do in one package over the other (box modeling and basic shape/hard-body creation in Blender, for instance compared to Zbrush's vastly superior detailing/poly-painting shenanigans)

:bulletorange:*Link for version of GOB that works in Blender versions 2.6+ (Windows & Mac versions available.The tiny (about 240kb) zipped package contains very good pdf instructions on how to install so you'll be set up in no time shifting your models freely between the two programs)
You can download it (freely) here:
Windows Version: www.zbrushcentral.com/attachme…
Mac Version: www.zbrushcentral.com/attachme…

:bulletorange:Here's a video vimeo.com/25621241 demonstrating it's use posted on Vimeo by ODevimeo.com/user6789726

:bulletorange:I've used the GoZ facility between Zbrush and Cinema4D before...but I don't like Cinema4D at all...something just doesn't feel right about it. Maybe it's like the creepy middle child, with the wonky leg and the hares-lip that lurks in the corner and never speaks? Or maybe I'm just not very good at learning it's mysterious ways?
I'm so used to Blender's quirky ways and just could never get used to the other 3D modeling software I've used before (Lightwave/Cinema4D...but never touched Maya or 3dsMax so can't comment on them)
With GoZ already available for many other applications its great that some smart guy out there came up with this utility.
:bulletorange:Also, here's the thread on Zbrushcentralwww.zbrushcentral.com/showthre… on the Zbrush-Blender integration.

.....*and a Zbrushcentral forum discussion on GOB that explains why you need to update GOB to work in Blender versions after 6.3 otherwise it won't work:

*EDIT: added updated links for GOB ("GoZ for Blender") that allows it to work with Blender versions after 2.63.
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Anyone know if there a new version for Blender 2.7x?
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vile72Student Digital Artist
OMG! Thank you for providing this. The link where I first heard this from was broken. Then I had to find a place on Blender cookie that explained how to get it to work from blender to zbrush, but I did it!! Thank you!
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ShapulaProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment, Vile72. Glad the link is of use to ya :)
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phyfferHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for this :)
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chiaroscurosityProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for this!
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bluesdogProfessional Digital Artist
I came across this while I was looking for an easy way to switch between Blender 2.67 and Zbrush 4R5 especially for texture painting. I love the plugin so far and look forward to seeing any updates that you have.
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nice to hear!
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