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Shapula Free Base Mesh for Sculpting

By Shapula
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:bulletorange: FREE base mesh for digital 3d sculpting (THIS IS THE 'FIXED' VERSION WITH SMALLER FILE SIZE)

I made this nice little mesh which is great for starting off sculpting a character with. I never personally use any of the base meshes that come with Zbrush and instead prefer just modelling from scratch with a dynamesh ball...but this model I created is one I ALWAYS use lately for starting off a sculpt. 

-The download file is in a .zip format (which you can unzip using any of the popular or free software such as WinZip, 7Zip, etc).

-Once you've unzipped the contents you will have an .obj file of the model which you can load in any 3d software package.

The model is totally free and can be used for any commercial or noncommercial use.
If you make anything nice with it feel free to link back and let me know if you want :)

:bulletred:IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone downloading the current file will have no errors, but for anyone who downloaded an earlier version of the file (before 5th/July/2014) there was an error: while I was saving the file from Zbrush two identical versions of the model got saved together - one on top of the other! So if encountering any weird artifacting when importing the .obj just select one mesh and delete the other as required.
Again, this will only affect the 6 or 7 people who downloaded the earlier version :D
© 2014 - 2021 Shapula
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Thanks. Very useful.
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Many thanks, from someone just starting out, this is cool!
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loved this base mesh as soon as i saw it, i knew i wanted to incorporate it in a piece :)… this is the one    

i also referenced you with a link to here in the description  Thank you so much for sharing this awesome sculpt o/
would really like to hear what you think of it 
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Hi Marwan, I love what you did with the sculpt! Great moody work. Its got a dark horror/Twin Peaks vibe to it :D
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awesome, glad you like it :)
yea it was based on Twin peaks wanted to give it precisely that a more sombre 
horror vibe to this specific shot and what better setting than in the red lounge  ^^
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Very nice and clean base mesh, thanks for sharing this. :) I just tested this using my experimental Blender auto-rigging tool here.…

and it works great. Keep it up!
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A real gift to those of us that are learning....thanks greatly appreciated.
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You're welcome matey :)
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thanks very much :)
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You're welcome :D
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Thank you sir, I will have to try it out.. I do what you do as well, start with the dynamesh sphere and go from there. This might be a quicker route, so thank you!
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No probs, man. Hope you find some use for it :)
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found some use for it ;) But did you know there is 2 meshes in the obj file? I was moving the ears and the other mesh is locked in place.. I dynameshed it, but don't know if it got rid of the other layer or not. Just thought ya should know. Thanks again too!
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Haha I just discovered that this morning when I opened it to check (slaps head!). Must've saved the file when two ztools were on but with one hidden.
I've fixed it and added the new (smaller) download zip file.

Thanks for letting me know, man :)
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np, thanks for the fix and the share! it really is a good file. I was impressed with it. other meshes I have messed with, they would always be off center in weird spots. I haven't had any problems with yours yet, even though it had a double layer. eventually I will post some stuff I done with it. ;) Thanks again man.
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