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Painting Tutorial: Garlic



[EDIT] HEY! I forgot to mention, The minimum diameter was about 45% as I painted this! Not 0%! I keep it at 0% to sketch.

You asked, so here it is (Making a vid one as soon as I have time to work at home) Another short painting tutorial.

I'm assuming you understand most basics in photoshop, but I do walk you through a couple shortcuts. It's hard to show much more than a walkthrough, especially considering these don't take too long to make, but I hope it was at least a little interesting. 

Thanks guys!

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This is intriguing, the information you gave was short and simple yet understandable.
I feel strongly about this type of painting, i'd die to be able to paint digitally, all I can do
is line and shade. Its tutorials like these that encourage me to try painting again, which
I shall as soon as PS is re-installed, so thank you for taking the time to make it, I look
forward to seeing the future video. C: