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Spirited Away | Step by Step Process

A little step by step of my most recent painting in case anyone is interested!
If you have questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer :)
Started in procreate and finished in Photoshop.

1. Rough Sketch
2. Flat colors
3. Choosing palette and setting mood + first detailing
4. Further rendering
5. Tying everything together + color adjustments

Finished Painting:
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An absolute piece of storytelling and love, I can not <333
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I wish I had recorded it so I could upload it on youtube haha :D
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Man, I can't imagine how long, it must've taken you. But man, it was worth it, because this looks BEAUTIFUL! Fantastic work!
shapetales's avatar
thank you!
And actually it didn't take that long, probably around 5-6h :'D
gordhanx's avatar
Well great work regardless :)
Amara-Star's avatar
God this is stunning!!

I really need to rewatch that movie
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thank you!!
And yes, me too!
IamNoOneSpecial1's avatar
Very interesting... especially for me who is learning to use Photoshop.
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I'm happy it helps! :)
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Gorgeous pic with nice step-by-step, lovely dragon design, and great colours that make the pic look bright, fairytale-like, and appropriately aquatic. Cheers for making this! 
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thank you!
Although design goes to Studio Ghibli, it's a fanart :)
Cheitora's avatar
absolutely gorgeous
shapetales's avatar
Nafsi-Sookie's avatar
This is one of my fav movies and you did this. So. W e l l.
I sOB-!!
shapetales's avatar
aaah thank you so much naf!!
And yess it's my all time fav movie!
Gotta rewatch it again soon!
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thank you so much for sharing ;w;
may I ask how do you do with the lines/sketchs? like ,do you delete them after the colouring, and try to define them by drawing another layer of outlines? or do you just change the colours so that it matches the palette?
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I usually merge all layers after I have the rough background and coloring done and then I paint over the existing lines and when necessary, retrace lines I find necessary with a color I like :)
Hope I explained it understandably! 
Shelybear's avatar
yes I understood! thank you so much!!!
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