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Welcome to The Show-Youtubers by ShapeshifterArtist Welcome to The Show-Youtubers :iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 1 4
SuperNATural Living Prologs
   My life... can and mostly is, Pretty much like a pretty happy Hell.
   Why? Well, because i'm undefined. In More ways than one... Living with the Mythos and the Supernatural Creatures living almost in everywhere. From Trolls with weird Names form far off Planets, To Nagas/Lamias, And Mages with Silly Staffs, this list can go on and on. but if your one of those rare people who are human or look human 24/7.... Not so happy happy. 
   I'm Jane Celia, and this is my Tale. My Family is A Bit of a Mix bunch, MY Mom is Human, Dad a Manly fairy i've ever seen, and My brother is a Little Midget Giant. I have a Few cousins Who are a small clan of Werewolves that Live nearby in the duplex with us.
   I'm not a loner, No no, Far from it. I got Friends, a nice good balanced amount. Finn, Brandon, Ashleigh, along with a Whole bunch of others. Finn is an off planet being called Trolls who's time is in "sweeps" which is confusing be
:iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 1 0
Mature content
Origins Tyler AKA Munching Brotato Part 2 :iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 1 0
A Great Crisis Prologue
Prologue: The Underground Ravine
    If you lived in a World, where the dead came back... but only lived until the night or if they were smart or just had luck on their side, were hidden in shade. You feel safe right? But what if this Night only lifestyle was gone? and they would only die if you where able to kill them if they did not over power you? Would you hide, or would you fight until your last breath was drawn?
    Sky sighed, looking up to the Roof of the ravine his New Base for his army was built into. It's only been 10 days and already the death tolls from the Mobs was sky rocketing to the hundreds... It was crazy, and no one understood. Suddenly mobs they knew would burn from the harsh rays of the sun, just... stopped. Everyone's first reaction was to fight them off, like normal, But... it didn't work as it normally would, people easily got overwhelmed by the masses of zombies or the crowds of Skeletons.
:iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 1 0
The Heroes
The heroes,
The people who fight for freedom.
those who stand in the front line.
Who charge against those who wonder Harm the people that they care about.
That is what we see a Hero as.
But also,
The people who face fires to save lives.
Who chase the criminals of the world.
those who try to save lives in Buildings of Clean Whites.
Those are the Smaller Heroes.
A Solider in the Battlefield,
A Firefighter,
A Police Officer,
And A Doctor.
But The man who fights a war,
Is a Man who has seen more than others
:iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 0 0
How to Love your Father.
How to Love your Father no matter what
    The only way I've ever learned to Love half the Reason your a living breathing things that now spends almost every second you send breathing on a computer, reading some story about fictional People that you may never meet. Is to Return the effort they put into making your mom have you in them for 9 months. It doesn't have to be much, just something as simple as "I love you" even if sometimes you never mean it, Lots of kids forget to tell those that they care for, that they do. but, if you love someone, the only thing you should tell them is "I love you, From the bottom of my Heart to the Top of my soul" [Okay. not word for word.] If your not willing to say at least three[ were talking about three words here people. it's not much] words, then just spend time with them, Watching a movie or just hanging out listening to some of your shared music tastes. It's also a Fun thing to do is not complain about th
:iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 1 0
Origins Tyler AKA Munching Brotato Part 1
Part 1; The Imperfect Angel
  A young boy angel stands in his room staring outside looking out pushing up a pair of overly sized pair of Black rimmed glasses up to balance on his nose only to slip again, groaning in slight annoyance he hops off the stool and goes over to the books his father laid out on the desk, climbing up the chair to reach it he looks over him, each one was about a different element he possibly had control over, skimming through one of the less exciting possibilities, he started wondering if maybe he'd be that rare kid that she choose to teach... it wasn't likely though, he couldn't even fly properly with his tiny wings and he needs glasses to see at least 1 foot in front of him. He wasn't Perfect like his mom or dad, or any angel he's ever seen in the books or outside his window. he was different, his mom always tried to make him seem special because of it, but he could tell she wished the only child she would ever be allowed to raise was jus
:iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 2 0
Oneshot-The Soulmate WristWatcher
[Based off a RP]
  Rin stood in her room, wrapped in a towel from the warm bath she just took, Steam rising from her own Body she stared out of the large glass door the lead to the outside of the room she had to herself, pulling the curtain shut so she could change in a single sweep of her arm, Checking her left wrist almost in paranoia it was so close, she watched what was behind Cracked Glass she was too busy to ever get repaired the seconds ticked down, 20 more hours till she met the man of her life... or woman, it's hard to tell with the whole Soul mate thing... She pulled out a Bra and the rest of the undergarments she need for the day, slipping them on she stared at the few choice outfits a few of her friends laid out for her for "this special day" Grabbing the purple Sleeveless Dress that Mami choose and the long sleeve shirt that AI picked out for it's steam punk sleeves, grabbing a pair of black legging and slippi
:iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 1 0
Summer's End WIP by ShapeshifterArtist Summer's End WIP :iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 0 0 When i'm bored and i got a RP on my mind by ShapeshifterArtist When i'm bored and i got a RP on my mind :iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 0 6 Senshi's Sleepy Boys by ShapeshifterArtist Senshi's Sleepy Boys :iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 3 0 REdo of Emerald by ShapeshifterArtist REdo of Emerald :iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 0 0 Hair Pratice Girl No 1 by ShapeshifterArtist Hair Pratice Girl No 1 :iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 1 0
The Special Mother Day Proposal
       Cry sat down on his bed, thinking, it’d almost been 2 months since he and Senshi started dating. She’s been a single mom ever since Cry knew her and most likely longer for all he knew, Terence was an awesome kiddo as well, he always enjoyed hanging out with him and doing so many funs things just as carrying him awhile “riding” on the wind as you could say as well as playing Video games with him! But Senshi was always busy trying to take care of him… sighing Cry took off his mask and looked at the Painted Face that his mother painted,  Thinking he realized what he had to do, Terence already saw him at his father, so why not make it true? Smiling and Virus laughed in his head “Dude! Your Gonna get hitched?!” Ruining his whole mood
     “So what I’m marrying the person I love Fully!”
     “Well, At least Get a Good rings!” He nodded, The per
:iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 1 4
Naga! Cry-chan by ShapeshifterArtist Naga! Cry-chan :iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 0 19 Cloud-Animal i've become by ShapeshifterArtist Cloud-Animal i've become :iconshapeshifterartist:ShapeshifterArtist 0 0
Hey all! Get out my (Failish) works of Arts! More on its Way and It's going to be great to Hear about what you have to say to me about it!


markiplier hair tutorial by unifiedheroes markiplier hair tutorial :iconunifiedheroes:unifiedheroes 169 15 Markiplier and Yamimash: Stop It Slender! by Jay101 Markiplier and Yamimash: Stop It Slender! :iconjay101:Jay101 334 165 Stay Away From Him by Qille Stay Away From Him :iconqille:Qille 49 76 First Date [Hetalia GerIta Game] by KyoKyo866 First Date [Hetalia GerIta Game] :iconkyokyo866:KyoKyo866 473 156 Nothing but a distant memory by Gameaddict1234 Nothing but a distant memory :icongameaddict1234:Gameaddict1234 399 570 HS - Snow John and the 12 trolls by feshnie HS - Snow John and the 12 trolls :iconfeshnie:feshnie 580 27 Happy New Year! by Nadi-Chan Happy New Year! :iconnadi-chan:Nadi-Chan 167 42 #336 Frozen Heart by Picolo-kun #336 Frozen Heart :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 4,508 124
:iconthortaco:ThorTaco 3 2
(Ver. X.5) HetaX - The end of the world by sallyatoyota (Ver. X.5) HetaX - The end of the world :iconsallyatoyota:sallyatoyota 354 741 HetaVerse [DEMO] Download V2 by ThunderGirl-X HetaVerse [DEMO] Download V2 :iconthundergirl-x:ThunderGirl-X 168 172 It Truly Hurts by Piri-tanyay It Truly Hurts :iconpiri-tanyay:Piri-tanyay 518 549
The meowing from the cats was loud. There had to be at least thirty cats there.
"Are you looking for a particular type of cat?"
"No. Not really..." You twirled a lock of hair around your finger. "Are there any kittens?"
"Yes!" Elizabeta clapped her hands. "Only one though, the other two where adopted." Nodding you followed her over to a cardboard box.
Inside was a smallish beige and white cat. It had the most vibrant purple eyes you had ever seen.
"This is Matthew. His father, Francis, is that one over there." You looked over at the fluffy white cat.
"Um I'll take him!" Reaching out you patted the kittens head. He blinked up at you.
Elizabeta grinned, "Good choice! Matthew's a bit shy, but he'll warm up to you!"
---------Time skip--------
It was a rather quiet ride home. You kept glancing at the kitten, He had fallen asleep after being put in the carrier. You smiled at the collar around his neck. Elizabeta had given it to you
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 1,312 497
NekotaliaxReader Intro
Ever had one of those days when you think it can't worse and then it does? That was the kind of day you were having.
First you woke up late for work. The ONLY time you were late to work. And what does your boss do? He fired you. To make matters worse your A-hole boyfriend was a total jack-ass about it when you had called him up crying. AND the parking meter had run out and now you had a 50 dollar fine. And to top it all of your gold fish had died.
You tapped the steering wheel of your car in annoyance. It was taking forever for the stupid light to change. You leaned your head back and sighed.
A sign across the street caught your attention. You squinted, not quite able to believe what it said. "Hetalia Cat Emporium." You stared, what a weird name for a shop.
A honk from behind startled you. Giving the guy the finger, you made a sharp turn and pulled into the parking lot.
A cat just might be the t
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 935 519
sick inthelittlewood art batch by mimby-rabbit sick inthelittlewood art batch :iconmimby-rabbit:mimby-rabbit 72 9 Shingeki No Youtube by Kiwa007 Shingeki No Youtube :iconkiwa007:Kiwa007 4,076 249
Yo! Look At some Pretty neat art thats Not in a folder Or
Choose the 'Writing' folder to see some Cool fan fics! Or Choose 'Songs' For a bunch of Songs or lyrics to them!


I think this is Great! (even though I find others like to link Toby to Herobrine already) The Words are hard mostly to read And Toby sk...


Hey Sorry for being inactive.....

Yeah i don't know who i'm saying this to, How many people watch me again?

So to the 24 of you who have somehow Found me and choose to watch my page for Art, Sorry and Thanks.

I've kinda lost Touch to the Creative part of me that can Draw or write something without it being too personal or for a small amount of People and be like "Yeah i want to show this to the world!" No idea how and i'm a bit sad that i'm Like this.
I mean i do still draw and write, I'm never gonna stop doing that. It's just i don't feel like it's good enough....? Yeah, going with that. 

I'm Still going to post stuff....
If i ever get around to being able and proud of something....
It's Just not going to be as often as normal

I might post a few poems i've written after re-writing them. Maybe a few things i've Drawn.

I dunno. 

So thanks for sticking with me and Stuff.
don't be Mad...
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Hey All! Emerald Here, You can call me Em or Trin. But i'm just a Fangirl of Fanfics and Art whos working to find out Good ways to Show her own.
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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Why Are YOU Evil?
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