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April 13, 2011
Suggester's words: Hip Hop Moves Stock Pack by ~shapemaster is quite a good stock for female hip hop drawings, with wide and neat photos!
Featured by FantasyStock
Suggested by WhiteKimahri
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Hip Hop Moves Stock Pack

*** Hip Hop Moves Stock Pack***

Photographer: Marek Koteras (

Selected by Numer.
Resolution: 2000x3000
File type: JPG
Size: ~39 MB

*** ***
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My friend use my work (with your photos) on for a roleplay-game. She credit to you.…

Greetings, stomi-dance
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Thanks Guys i got it
loverdance's avatar
Hey i Can't download the stock :( can any one plz send me the link or Help me
ksunechka1991's avatar
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gracias por conpartir esos stock buenisimos, te lo agradesco mucho. [link]
Robotwomen's avatar
Thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! ! ! !
Love peace and harmony
ThomasWN's avatar
Thank you, I've used one of your stocks here
bahochrix's avatar
thx a lot...use here [link]
bahochrix's avatar
nice ....use here [link]
irqfalcon's avatar
wow v nice pack ^^ thnx
dizflip14's avatar
Used here: [link]

Thanks! :]
vapourgrafix's avatar
am glad I found this at last....I've been searching the entire internet for this not even knowing that it has been under my nose in my house(DA)...haaaaaaa.....what a relief...
You'll understand what I mean if you've ever looked for something for an entire 6 years....kisssssssesssssesssssss
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Congratulations again for earning a daily deviation last month. You've been featured in the following news article: April 2011 Resources DDs.
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Nice work. Congratulations to the DD. :iconflowerheartplz:
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LMFAO! These poses made me laugh my ass off :rofl: THANK YOU!!! :love: :rofl:
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Thanks a lot for sharing! :love:
LaughingGal13's avatar
Thanks and amazing work!
Loki-Megabyte's avatar
Awesome! I needed something like this to practice dynamic pose sketches.
lilbreakdancer's avatar
Thanks man! I've never seen Hip Hop stcosk before - really awesome!
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gratulacje! swietne zdjecia!
lestatoo's avatar
U rock thx Alot...
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